Tokyo 2020: First Covid case detected at Paralympic village

Around 4,400 athletes from approximately 160 teams are set to take part in the Paralympics.

As with the Olympics, they will be required to undergo daily Covid tests, and will have to wear face masks and maintain social distancing within the Paralympic village.

Tokyo is currently under a fourth state of emergency, and organisers have decided not to allow any spectators during the Paralympics.

In recent days, Japan has reported more than 20,000 cases per day, more than ever before.

Let’s hope that the authorities have got the situation under control … :mask:

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I’m not following the Olympics. Why is it called Tokyo 2020 when it’s taking place in 2021? Seems confusing.

Because it was delayed by the pandemic last year.

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I did wonder about the wisdom, this year, of having a gap between the ordinary Olympics and the Paralympics … then again, I expect they had to sanitize everything between the two lots of athletes.

Thank you! Makes sense now.