Toilet seat cover loose

Yes we had one of those soft toilet seat lids that self close, the problem was it moved. Thought the issue was with the nut and plastic bolt underneath but it wasn’t. Looking on the internet I saw the pins the cover locked into . these pins have a metal plate when removed expose a tightening screw. Could I get that plate off??? what a game that was, it should have just lifted off but either the cork wash underneath had stuck to it or what I don’t know.
In the end had to resort to using 2 screwdrivers either side and jemmy it off. That then reveales the troublesome screw in a elongated slot which was loose. So on back with the toilet seat lid to line up the fixing pin clean out the gum type stuff that stops cap removal and reasembled. Total cost £0.

this video showed me how if you need to do the same

I foolishly insalled a wood soft close toilet seat which was an absolute pain because of the position close to a wall made getting to one side extremely difficult. But I have found that you really need a steam cleaner to get into the moving parts which gum up over time and it ceases to self close.

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