Todays Post, a good laugh


You have to laugh, computers rule everything.

I have just got my invitation, because of my age, for an annual heart and blood pressure test, to my GP Surgery.

It is highly recommended that I attend to avoid any potential heart problems.



Good One SF…it’s good to laugh and be able to see the funny side of serious stuff too…I’m all for it,x

Praps their computers ain’t integrated Swimmy?
Be a good idea to attend your appointment!!
Just for a part! LOL!

Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

:rofl: That’s made my day Swimmy. Thanks for the laugh :joy:

Computer he say …

That rules everything by what I see these days! :grinning: :grinning:

Swim perhaps you should accept, but say that owing to recent ill health the hospital want you to have transport… owing to some heart problems! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Home visit arranged for the 19th.

In this day and age and given your condition, I’m amazed you’re not on a wifi connected set of monitors.


Wired up in hospital and when allowed out of bed yes there is a belt box which is connected to the hospital WiFi.

No use at all at home.

ECG always shows damage, so the only use would be to record time of death.

Hospital is different, you are not allowed out of the unit on your own if it shows Cardiac Arrest, they have the equipment and drugs and skilled staff to deal with it.

I know when I am having a Cardiac Event, no need for alarms, I sweat, vomit, curl up and the pain goes down my left arm.

I gasp for breath.

I have been given some medication to use in such an emergency, it has worked so far.

It is all about quality of life and that is my choice.

I am not spending the rest of my days in a hospital bed on permanent bed rest and having my bum wiped because I have lines in.

I am much happier at home, pottering in the garden, looking after my tropical fish and watching what I want on my android TV and being on here.


@swimfeeders good for you.

I’m more concerned with you becoming incapacitated @swimfeeders and unable to call for help, and nobody being around.


Thanks for that Dex.

I have an alarm button round my neck and a keysafe so simply press the button, Paramedics called and they have the number for the keysafe to get in.

The problem is the Ambulance Service, all my calls are Category One, but even then it can take 50 minutes for one to arrive.

This made me laugh this morning

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Better than nothing swimmy.

As said, one would have thought that in this day and age a permanent wifi thingy might prove a liefesaver.

A little off the general drift of the conversation but still within the terms of the thread title - I received these links today and very funny they are too IMHO:

The Singing Anaesthesiologists.

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