Today's crafty projects!

Had a busy day - made three cards :-

For a neighbour - hopefully it says “Happy Birthday - have a lovely day” but my Italian is somewhat rusty!



A 60th for a friend :-


and an 80th for another friend :-

Card front:-

Joyce card front

Inside left - a few of our mad nights out:-

Joyce inside left

Inside right - she loves Squirrels! :-

Joyce inside right


Just beautiful, intricate work. I am sure these all become treasured keepsakes, ST.



Your cards are beautiful Tabby, and so incredibly personal that they will treasure them forever! :hugs:

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Just Beautiful,ST…the work is so intricate, you’ve put a lot of thought into the making of those cards…definitely your gift,:heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Thank you all very much - it is something I love to do


And it shows, Beautiful!..:heartpulse::heartpulse:

Really lovely and special just like my lion one is . I treasure it x

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Thank you - your two lovely poems are on my craft room wall!

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All lovely cards Tabby, you’ve put a lot of work into them.
For me, I especially like the first one with the wine glasses.

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Impressive ST! Just beautiful!

They are all gorgeous. My favourite is the one with the night out photos and the squirrel, that is so personal and lots of real thought and love in there

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Thank you, Mups.

Thank you Besoeker

Thank you Maree - we have had some lovely nights out. We always celebrate our birthdays together and the birthday girl chooses the venue. Joyce loves squirrels, and apricot/orange is her favourite colour. Her hubby is taking her away on a surprise holiday for her actual birthday - so we are all meeting up on March 11th.

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Absolutely stunning Tabby, they are all really beautiful and will be treasured keepsakes for sure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you very much. It is so good to have opinions/feedback from other people especially fellow crafters!

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Made a box for the 80th birthday card.

IMG_9754 (2)


It’s fab - did you design it yourself, or was it a preset design that you bought?

Yes - I did. The champagne glasses are actually gold coloured although they look black in the photo. The cats were die cut from black card. Found the pretty tissue paper in The Range

Well that makes it even more special, as it’s unique :clap:

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Thank you. We are all out for dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight - can’t wait to see what the birthday girl thinks of her card!

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If I were the birthday girl, I’d be chuffed to bits with it!