Tiny dog on our walk today

We meet quite a few dog owners, most of them smaller than mine. But today, we met one that was tiny - a Chihuahua cross. About 2-3 kg at a guess - mine’s about 35 kg for scale. The wee dog was little charmer.


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What a sweetie!

Very sweet :slight_smile:

What a great little guy/ girl. My wife will turn to mush at this one. I can’t say enough about dogs. They are such a gift for us humans. I can’t imagine life without them. :slight_smile:

Looks clever and naughty :slight_smile:
I agree with Keezoy.I’ve never known a time when there wasn’t one around.

Totally agree.

Such an adorable little doggie Visitor :039:

Little rascal! She was jumping up at Max all the time - but he is just a gentle fellow.

And the larger dog…


And little Flo.


I’m not sure how to post a pic on here …but my little fella he’s a cavachon will be 7yrs this April , still a puppy :smiley: weighs in at 9kgs and I love every ounce of him.

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And the larger dog…


Max has the most beautiful face .

And a gentle nature. Much like the one I had in Scotland about sixty years ago.


I apologise - I should have noted your comment about Max’s face. I know you do wonderful images with dogs and if you want do a Max, feel free.

Thank you I would like to.:slight_smile:


Pretty cute.

No pressure. :lol:

I have a Bonny 3 yr old JRT who is a keen hunter.

You are welcome.

Just fresh from the groomer.


Good Grief this photo is amazing, so, so beautiful, Max should be a model! Is this a professional photo? or one you took?