Time Team, new program this weekend

Time Team have returned with a new program on it’s youtube channel this weekend. In fact, they have three new programmes to coincide with a three day dig in Cornwall.


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i watched the first part last night,I miss Tony Robinson and Phil Harding and of course Mike Ashton who died. They were the back bone of Time Team first time round .
And their enthusiasm would bubble over and put life into the pieces they dug up.
While i will look forward to what they find out ,im not sure i will warm to the crew without the oldies in .


I would like to see this, but agree it won’t be the same without the regular folks.

Is professor Alice Roberts involved, worth watching if she is.

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No Alice Roberts is not involved. But plenty of other good people are.

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They were pretty much the only reason I watched Time Team in the first place.

Yes I agree with others, it won’t be the same without the old team. Tony Robinson in particular was superb in the role, a born communicator with his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy.

There was one episode that we all watched with great interest because it was a site about half a mile from where we live - an area near to our local 12th century castle ruins. The fields were found to be an old hunting ground of Henry VIII, and then they investigated the main road going through the village, many of the buildings being medieval in origin. It was so very fascinating! I would love to find the episode and watch it again.
PS Sorry @Percy_Vere, this wasn’t meant to be a specific reply to your post, just a general reply!

When is it being shown please?
And which Channel?

youtube day 2

Matt is still there though, but older & not so dishy. :grinning:

yes i noticed he was along with John ,Henry and Stewart…all looking a little older,

Matt will probably take Phil’s role where before he took a back seat …

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Yes, I agree, and his later TV series have all showed how good he is at communicating. The 3 TT presenters I really liked (other than Tony) were Prof Mike, Phil, and Carenza Lewis. Oh, my, was she hot to trot in the early days? I see she’s on the team for these new YouTube episodes.


Ah, the lovely Carenza … :heart_eyes:

Sadly, she was a victim of the notorious Dr James Elwood in the 1990’s - she had her breasts removed after an incorrect cancer diagnosis by the bungling consultant employed by Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust … :slightly_frowning_face:

I read about her mastectomy but I didn’t know it was because of an incorrect diagnosis. Poor Carenza.

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That’s terrible about Carenza, I hope she sued.
Those long tunnels & caverns look interesting, would love to explore those myself.

Oh that is just awful. Yes, I hope she sued too. What a horrible thing to happen, poor Carenza :disappointed_relieved:

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