Thousands Of Football Fans, Boo Prince William At The Wembley FA Cup Final

Wow! That’s not good for the Royal Family.
Prince William isn’t getting a good press lately.
Or is it due to the dwindling popularity of the Royal Family and the plebs are fighting back?

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Not a big fan of royalty but I suspect that Australia will become a republic soon after the Queen dies. At least the republican movement will get a big boost however it depends on the stance of the PM. John Howard, a staunch monarchist, effectively killed the move toward a republic with the wording of his referendum.

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Why were they booing William at football?
What’s he supposed to have done wrong now?

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so the old empire is finally crumbling?


Quoted in the press release:

*It is the latest bad press for the future king, after a blunderous tour of the Caribbean saw him and Kate hit by protests and public relations gaffes. *

Prince William and Kate Middleton want to modernise the Royal Family after their chaotic Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

This would include getting rid of bows and curtsies along with their formal titles so they would be known as simply Kate and William.

Perhaps William and Kate are seeing that Harry and Meghan are happier living life as non-royalty…if William asks politely, Harry may allow them a cottage on the American estate. One can only speculate… :wink:

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Mups, l’m not sure but it states in the article that the jeers seemed to increase when the FA theme Abide With Me was played. The jeers increased even more when God Save Our Queen was sung.

I know they weren’t popular on the caribbean tour, Righty, but surely thats got nothing to do with a flippin’ football match here, has it?

P.s. thanks Art. Too many people just like making trouble if you ask me. :roll_eyes:


AFAIK, Liverpool Football Club “fans” have a long history of jeering and not just at Prince William.

In keeping with tradition, ‘God Save The Queen’ was sung before kick-off at the national stadium alongside ‘Abide With Me’ but Reds’ fans in attendance booed both tunes. This, however, is something Liverpool fans have done for years.

Both anthems were roundly booed by large swaths of the Liverpool supporters, having also done the same ahead of the Carabao Cup final earlier this season against the same opponents.

Some will certainly be questioning why Reds’ fans hold such disdain for the tune but it appears that the booing can be traced back to the 1980s. Severe opposition to the Conservative government at the time, as well as the fallout following the Hillsborough tragedy, drove a wedge between the city and the rest of the country.

Those on Merseyside also feel like the current Government continue to bat-aside their welfare, with foodbanks outside of both Anfield and Goodison a regular feature. In fact, Liverpool supporters have further displayed their disdain for patriotism with a sign reading ‘Scouse Not English’ regularly seen at the home stadium.

Some, obviously, will admire their “independent stand” but I’m not one of them. IMO, such LFC “supporters” are just self-proclaiming scallies (1).

(1) Scallies - Liverpool - LocalWiki

… sounds good to me, ban anthems too.


Just ban football - it is boring anyway and has not been 'sport’ for years.


No. Just ban the men’s football, as they are mostly overpaid Pima Donnas. Throwing themselves to the ground trying to claim the advantage when they havent even been touched and rolling around as if they’re crippled but up 2 seconds later like normal
The womens football is far more entertaining.

Sorry Ive gone off subject, but I have absolutely no interest in the royal family or their or the national anthem which should really be “Land of Hope and Glory”, about the land and its people not singing about some person who gets the job through accident of birth

The Daily Mail were way off beam with their article suggesting the booing was something to do with William’s declining popularity.
The Royal Family and “establishment” figures in general are about as unpopular in Liverpool as The Sun newspaper.
The reporter who wrote that article must not understand the history behind it - he should have read up on it before he started writing that load of tosh, linking the booing at Wembley to William’s Caribbean tour.
William would have only been a little kid when the Liverpool fans first started booing at Wembley.


I’m not sure Harry and Meghan are any happier exchanging British Royalty for American hype.

Like women’s rugby as entertaining as paint drying in my opinion. :smiley::smiley:


and so unfeminine.

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Surely those Liverpool’s fans are always booing .
Liverpool’s football fans are the height of uncouthness anyway :grinning:

Half the hooligans singing god save the queen, half singing you’ll never walk alone, sounds like booing to me.

Hopefully it’s an indication that the “royal” lot have been seen through for what they and the monarchy actually is. There now needs to be and an end to the anachronistic nonsense that costs us so very much but has NO VALUE actually is. Republic NOW.

Oh how bold of you, you will probably need to go and sit on the naughty step for being sexist. :grinning: :grinning:

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I’ve always thought the same, Alain. :+1:

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