Those good old days

Add your favourite childhood memories











Anyone remember Space Invaders?

Oh yes!! Remember the table top ones they used to have in pubs, so you face each other, place your pint on the glass and take it in turns to play?

Is it this one DooD

Check out this link. Modern kids using old school technology;

yea :mrgreen:

Who remembers having a Co-op dividend number? All us kids knew our parents’ numbers, as we’d have to give the number at the till when we were sent to the Co-op for our mums - and woe betide us if we forgot!

I am hopeless at remembering numbers; even my own phone number, or car registration number. My mother’s old Coop number, however, is forever burned into my brain; I don’t think I could forget it if I wanted to. That has never happened with any other number. :102:

My favourite memories are of playing marbles across the road because cars were so few it wouldn’t interfere with our games, and marathon games of Monopoly on the pavement or a friend’s driveway.

Kids TV programmes. Todays offerings for kids just isn’t the same!

I was too old…:slight_smile:

Too old? For kids programmes? What did you watch, Besoeker?

We didn’t have a television until we were much older.

Fair enough, B…do you watch much tv now then? Since you manage to avoid the “bad influence”? :smiley:

Very little despite having around 900 channels.

I used to love the magic roundabout and captain pugwash. I had no idea these were full of innuendo. I mean Zebedee was always saying it was “time for bed”…:smiley:

Did anyone here have a space hopper? I feel my childhood was deprived by not having one. in terms of the 80s I remember playing pacman ( think) on an atari my boyfriend gave me. We had one computer in the office. It had a black screen with green writing. In terms of good 80s tech memories it was going to a pub that played non stop music videos on TVs that were linked to MTV. That was the height of sophistication aged 17.

co op dividend numbers

I still remember my mums, my sisters and my own…they must be imbedded in our brains.:lol:

Etch a sketch I’m too old for that, but my children had it