This years Flu Jabs

For those that have the Flu jab but are not entitled to it free, have a look at this from the Martin Lewis website.

Personally, I think it’s very wrong how different places can charge such different prices for an identical medicine.

Will you be having it this year on top of the Covid jabs too?
Will you still have it if/when the third Covid is offered as well?


Find it cheap elsewhere – from £8

If you don’t qualify for a free flu jab on the NHS or at work, you’ll have to pay. You can often get it privately at your GP, but prices vary. We’ve seen it cost up to £40 for adult vaccinations. It can be significantly cheaper from major supermarkets and pharmacies (around £8-£14).

Here’s what each of the major pharmacies are charging this winter. Bear in mind availability may vary by location. It’s also worth checking prices at independent pharmacies.

Flu vaccination price comparison & availability.


Asda £8

Boots £13.99

Lloyds Pharmacy £12.99

Superdrug £12.99

Tesco £9

Well Pharmacy £12.50

  • Information correct as of 26 January 2021. Adult vaccinations only.

I agree Mups, surely it should be the same price everywhere - if not free.

Personally I have had mine free since living in Devon. Not sure what will happen this year though.

I will accept the flu jab and the Covid jab when they are offered.

Yes, how on earth can Boots justify charging nearly double that of Asda for exactly the same vaccine. Greedy so-and-so’s.

Asda use a needle the size of the drainpipe :wink:

Flu jabs are free here for 65+ and risk groups. Katarina and I qualify as we’re risk group. For everyone else there’s a flat rate equivalent to 15 pounds

My flu jab is free too, but I am old.:lol:

So will V and me.

Mups asked how Boots could charge nearly 2x what Asda does. I suggest it’s because Boots has always been something of a rip-off company when it comes to its non-core business of pharmaceuticals.

When everyone gets used to having to use a ‘Vaccine certificate’ to access travel and entry into theatre, concerts, restaurants, cinemas and sporting venues, it will become a chargeable item.

They have a different cost base, a more prestigious brand name and possibly higher paid staff. Depends how long they spend with you etc. When I had mine at Boots they make you wait to ensure that you don’t react etc. Never had one at Asda but it would not be my first choice.

Anyway I am expecting over fifties to be free I hope.

I doubt that this will go on long enough for that OGF. Plus people will stick two fingers up to restaurants, concert halls and cinemas so there’s an economic trade off in charging for such things.

Just looking at the list again, it’s likely that the supermarkets are offsetting the fact that you are going to do a big shop when you go in for your jab. So they are slicing the profits off that into the reduced cost. Hope that makes sense! It’s like a loss leader. you think you are getting a good deal but you end up spending more on stuff you didn’t realise you didn’t need. So technically the pharmacies are better value for money.

I usually get my flu jab from my doctor where it is free (got it in early May) but some years I can’t be bothered to make an appointment and just call in to the Chemist and pay for a shot there. It costs about $20 (10 pounds)

If there is a good side to this pandemic it is the lack of flu deaths.


Although I can see what you mean Annie, I don’t know if it’s right? Maybe the supermarkets can buy in bulk for a better price too, I don’t know. :102:

I’m not an expert in pharmacy concessions but if it’s anything like old fashioned rental commissions the in store pharmacy will be paying part of their profit to the supermarket. It’s possible that the supermarket has some say in the cost base of vaccines a result. It’s a bit like the way they manage to negotiate such low prices for milk and other foods. They know that people will come to the shop if they have low prices on the foods/products that attract people to shop there. It’s easier if they collaborate and spread the risk.

All the big pharmacy chains can buy in bulk and get discounts. But they are not in partnership with a bigger organisation so their risk is greater. Their product range is pretty narrow. Their insurance base will be more expensive, so many factors can affect the cost and prices we see.