This is what a huge number of people think about the toad, Farage

Operation Aerodynamic was implemented in 2014 in Ukraine by the USA.

Putin invaded shortly after.

To those who say Russia ought not to have minded the west right on her border, talk me through why the US was rightly concerned with The Bay Of Pigs.

Farage was careful to state he did not agree with Putins actions.

A term of Labour will finally wake the people up as they quickly realise everything he promised was a lie. BTW he chose to defend for free, a man from the death penalty. He flew there and worked for free.
The man buried his 2 year old step son alive.

But oh look Farage said something vaguely off colour, what evil is this!!

Actually change will come, everything will get worse. You cannot hope to out-build massive population rise. 1 in 30 of us arrived in last 4 yrs.

People will at last understand they have been conned by progressives into thinking you can out-build huge population rise.

All they will notice is everything getting even busier, oh and lots of tax rises.

To those who argue we can just keep on increasing population by 5 million every few years, what is your end vision and what is better about that final outcome?

Good luck getting a doctors appointment when population is expanding like this

Green voters:

Are you aware of the issues Brighton has had with the Travelling community?

A top bod from Just Stop Oil was on LBC with Ali Mirag today.
He admitted their plans would mean daily blackouts for years until the base load was sorted.

People who love to boast their apparent virtue, won’t take kindly to blackouts and no more flights.

It’s a natural assumption that if he admires the ability of Putin to take control of Russia in the manner in which he has done, then Farage also admires other world leaders who have done the same. Putin has been gradually reducing public liberties and by changing laws has pretty much ensured he will be in power for years. Yes that is a way to get control of a country politically. It’s not a new thing approach though is it?

Using the definite article is a sign that sovreignty of Ukraine is not accepted. Now that says it all about Farage and it parrots Kremlin propaganda again. There’s no point in saying you reject MSM when you parrot Kremlin propaganda. It’s just substituting one set of media manipulation for another.

Many people don’t want Farage silenced. On the contrary we all want to know what he thinks, what makes him tick and we want him to talk as much as he possibly can.

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How is that comparable to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine?

Bit of a long read, make of it what you will.

Fact-checking Putin’s claims that Ukraine and Russia are ‘one people’ (

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Just Received Postal Vote selections.
Genghis Khan not listed.
Guess It has 2B. A Cross @ Farage. :innocent:

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He stated that he admired how Putin has got control of Russia. If that was not done, and not sustained, by action then how did Putin do it? Smiles? If Farage thinks he can find a gap between Putin and Putin’s actions then he is a fool - as are anyone who accepts his non-excuse.
Oh, and what Farage said about admiring Putin does not make him evil. It does show an unpleasant side to Farage but mostly it shows how thick he is. Misthinking and misjudgement to reveal his thinking. There’s your man of the people right there.

Cannot vote for a system that keeps two useless political parties in government. UK does not have enough people with the calibre needed for politics. If the system FPTP remains; voting will never make a difference. It has allowed the decline of the country of my birth, and left me ashamed and humiliated.

I’m sure when Russia decided to give Ukraine their independence they didn’t expect America to pick up the batton.

Perhaps not Annie, but how does the the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria stand up to scrutiny? Are Russia not allowed to police the world like what we do ?

Ref Ukraine check the Budapest Memorandum. Putin was not happy with some of the agreements Russia made after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but he was not in charge. Nobody can put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Perhaps Nigel Farage admires him because Brexit has been just as much a dog’s breakfast as the war in Ukraine.


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How are they “policing” Ukraine? The unsuccessful Russian invasion of Afghanistan lasted 10 years. It is thought to have contributed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Nobody has actually got the better of Afghanistan, we tried several times…
Afghanistan profile - Timeline

  • 1838-42 - British forces invade, install King Shah Shujah. …
  • 1878-80 - Second Anglo-Afghan War. …
  • 1919 - Emir Amanullah Khan declares independence from British influence.
  • 1926-29 - Amanullah tries to introduce social reforms, which however stir civil unrest.
    No wonder the Russians left Afghanistan, America one again started meddling in foreign affairs…
    Did the US support Afghanistan against Russia?

The United States recognized Afghanistan, then under the rule of King Amanullah, in 1921, and established diplomatic relations in 1935. Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the United States supported both the Afghan resistance fighters and diplomatic efforts to achieve a Soviet withdrawl.

So does that tell you that invading Ukraine is a decision of a leader to be “admired”? It’s the same battle with “hearts and minds” that has seen greater powers tripping over themselves in the past. Putin isn’t fighting for Ukraine, he is fighting for his own political survival. Is that admirable?

There is more to Putin than his expedition into Ukraine Annie. You only see what you want to see and are blinded to his many other attributes. Many great leaders have made some terrible mistakes in the past, but does this mean that we should denounce everything they have done?

I have been to Russia and the people are so friendly, its the politicians that let the country down

So you agree that Putin has made in a mistake by invading Ukraine?

The politicians are also Russian

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