This is nonsensical!

I don’t live that far from Stroud and I think this is wrong on so many counts .
This lovely old historical clock .
It’s utter nonsense I don’t believe black people go around looking for things to be offended about .
There aren’t even many black people in Stroud anyway .
Are we to destroy all signs of our history !

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Utterly ridiculous.
I give up with some people Muddy, I really do.

I wonder if they avoid Stroud because of the clock. :thinking:


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@Muddy - it is stark raving mad!

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Stupid stupid and even more so .its these kinds of things that upset people of all colour. Trouble making cause they’ve nothing else to do

For goodness sake. I wish the madness would stop


I’m afraid that before a great many more years, this country is going to have lost much of its history, or rather evidence of its history.

In fact, it’s even worse in that I can foresee us losing a great deal of our culture, as we descend bit by bit into becoming a third-world country.

The really upsetting thing is that we (sadly NOT the majority of us) are responsible for it.



A social cancer, that is fast becoming terminal.

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Maybe the endemic folks are behind the plot?