This Is Another Scenario..... Similar But From Another Angle

You’re walking happily along a street when suddenly you hear a door open, a man running out, screaming. Behind him is a woman and she’s hitting him hard with a rolling pin. What do you do?

Quicken your steps and sprint quickly past them?

Intervene and try and calm the situation?

Catch hold of the woman, dial 999 and restrain her until the police arrive (You might have a long wait!)

Don’t bother ringing for aid and try and calm her down.

Mind your own business and wish them both a happy day?

Or something else.

I am sure your comments will be entirely different to the ones that were posted in the previous thread l posted, where the roles were in reverse…

I would try to calm the situation, but knowing how determined some very angry women can be, I would disarm her first.

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Same answer as I gave for the other one, but I wouldn’t hit her in the goolies lol

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I’d point them down the road to yesterdays couple to even the odds up a bit…


I’d just laugh…I know I would :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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just do a “tut tut”

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If the woman was ukranian and the man was a ruskie then I’d join in.