Things Can Only Get Worse for Blackford. Thank God!

Good news !

Blackford the blustering gobshyte who spends more time rehearsing the same question every week in PMQs is in hot water over his support for perverts.

We aren’t surprised, but it is newsworthy none-the-less.

Sturgeon not sacking him will be another great news story.

Popcorn please !

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These numpties in this media age ought realise everything they say and do will have a consequence down the line,


True, how I would hate to have to watch every word I spoke. There is always some smart ass who can turn it all against you.

What’s ‘Bunter’ up to now?

I always worry when he rants on as he almost explodes. It can’t be healthy.
I wonder what his blood pressure readings are, after a rant!

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He should also be investigated for hounding the late Charles Kennedy in the remaining few days before Kennedy’s death.


He rants because he isn’t a convincing speaker.
Maggie never had to rant, and most people listened to her whether they liked it or not.


A good speaker has to be convinced that they are conveying something they completely believe in and Maggie was always 100% convinced she was right. Blackford never sounds convinced so he mainly blusters and that is always a poor performance. The quicker he is replaced, the quicker the SNP will have a far better representative👍

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He’s a funny little man! How ever did he ever get into politics and people voted for him…

Probably because the SNP supporters are also funny little men!

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Oi, I am not a funny little man in any way, shape, or form. Neither is my OH who is 6ft 2ins.

Blackford joined the SNP at the age of 16, and was formerly Treasurer of the SNP. He was considered something of a critic of Alex Salmond at the time.

Born in 1961, Blackford was educated at the Royal High School in Edinburgh.

Prior to being elected to Parliament, Blackford worked in the city. He led Deutsche Bank’s equity operations in both the Netherlands and Scotland.

He later set up his own investor relations company called First Seer in 2002.
According to the Registers Interests he currently serves as the Chairman of Golden Charter Trust Ltd, a trust established to hold, invest and administer the funds received from those who purchase funeral plans sold by Golden Charter Limited.
He moved to the Isle of Skye in 2004, buying a croft, but in my mind he is not a Crofter, not the type, I come from Crofter Stock on Mull and know the type.

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Just bought his wife a new Range Rover too.

Climate activist Ian Blackford … yeah :lol:

Wish someone would buy me a brand new Range Rover, I have a 12 year old Yeti, but she gets me around especially in the Winter. :wink: :grin:

I would buy you one if I had a spare £120K

I had a new Discovery a few years ago - it was great but it used way too much fuel for my liking so I got a Merc estate and then got rid of that and got an old Vector and now I have a Mini

Awww Thanks for the thought. My last car was a Discovery and yes they are fuel guzzlers, I only kept her around a year then got the Yeti, much better on fuel and over £100 cheaper to tax.

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Are you an SNP supporter?
Would you like Scotland to leave the UK?

As I’ve said before, personally I’d like Scotland to remain in the UK, both for our benefit and for yours. Yet SNP and their supporters are sure that things would be better for Scotland if it left the UK, though I don’t understand why.

Not exactly a supporter as they do a lot of things I don’t like or agree with. But yes I would like to see Scotland back as an independent Country. HOWEVER, I do not want to be taken back into the EU, in my book it’s swapping one overseeing group for another. But they do also keep their promises, they said they would duel the A9 to Inverness they did, they said they would drop bridge tolls they did, they said they would drop prescription charges they did. Ect ect, so I do trust them more than others.

Well no doubt they do spend more on their people than happens in England, but do you honestly think they’d be able to afford to do that when they lose the Barnet Formula payments from England?

Personally, I think that we in the North of England deserve Barnet Formula payments as we are poorer than the South overall. Then, I suppose that most Southerners haven’t even heard of the North!

There must be a lot we don’t know about, and I really don’t want to get into a discussion about independence as it always descends into a row. I haven’t forgotten how myself and a few others were treated back in 2014. Some of the members were really vicious and vile during the run up to the last one. Those members are still here and I refuse to be treated like that again.
This time around I will not take part in any of it, if Scotland gets independence it gets it, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t and I will accept the result as I did last time. But for the record I do not think it’s the time for another one.

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I’d like to say that if the majority of Scots want Scotland to leave the UK, then we should all respect their wishes.
On the other hand, I believe that despite the votes for SNP most Scots want to remain part of the UK. Am I not correct?