They've changed it at last!

Some of our lovely OFF members may remember that - about two years ago - I protested to the Council about their siting of a combined Litter and Dog Waste bin beside the door of a food shop and only feet away from the Butcher’s. It was at a time when only two people at a time were allowed into the shop - the rest of us had to queue outside - next to the smelly bin. The Council did nothing - so I took photos and emailed them to Environmental Health who said they would deal it.

Finally - they have! The bin near the shop is now Litter only - and there is a new Dog Waste Bin on the large swathe of grass verge opposite - well away from the shops. Seems it does pay to bring these things to someone’s attention.


Good for you in taking action Tabby! It took them long enough, but I suppose given the restrictions…

I’m surprised the butchers didn’t complain, saying it was bad for business :woman_shrugging:

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Well done you, a victory indeed! Perhaps the butcher did complain too.

A bit worrying though, that they thought there was a need for a bin by the food shop and butchers

I love dogs, but sometimes a few of their owners can be selfish and gross

But surely even they wouldn’t let their dog poop on the pavement outside food shops, when there’s a grass verge nearby?

Even if they do clear it up, that’s disgusting. Train your dog on where it’s allowed to poop.

Or did they think dog owners whose dog pooped nearby should gather up that poop and deliberately carry it over to a bin outside a food shop to dispose of it?


Well done Tabby, it pays to complain :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Good on you Silver Tabs! Where we usually walk the dogs there are a couple of bins, one either side of the road. And then we go to the convenience store. They have no bins there. None. There is quite a large area there and they could easily accommodate a waste bin or two there. I don’t know who would manage it.


Well done Tabby , im not normally a complaning person, but in this case there was good a reason for you too…

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Has to be said @SilverTabby, if this is largely down to you you then hats off indeed.

What’s even more amazing is that you’re not a councillor. If you had been, then the issue would have been resolved ages ago😉

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Well done you! Yes, you’ve shown that it’s definitely worth making the effort to complain. But seriously, how utterly absurd to have sited a dog waste bin by food outlets in the first place. Whoever approved that needs a kick up the jacksy!

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Someone decided a Litter Bin near the food/convenience shop would (hopefully) stop children from throwing ice cream and sweetie wrappers on the pavement. Heaven knows why they thought a combined Litter and Dog Waste bin was needed.

If I were a councillor, Dex, I would not have allowed it in the first place! Anyway - all sorted now - the shop keepers are happy and so am I - and the dog walkers have a shiny new bin all of their own!

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I think perhaps they may have done - but to our useless council. They were certainly happy about me talking photos and sending them to Environmental Health.

Well done Tabbs .
Our council is being a bit dense re dog bins .
They are too small and keep getting overfilled and poop everywhere .
Last time I saw this happen on one I hung two big bags up by it . I would hate to be the person who has to pick up all those poop bags from the ground .

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