There must be something wrong with me...!

There must be something wrong with me and perhaps I need to see a doctor as I am finding myself actually enjoying Strictly Come Dancing!

I think it must be a combination of this awful weather, the grim financial prognosis for the UK, the fuel shortages, empty shelves and general gloom of still being in the middle of a pandemic that makes this show suddenly appealing when I have loathed it for so many years.

Really felt moved by Greg Wise talking about the death of his sister. Plus I think his dancing was fab.

Is anyone else watching this? There’s probably a thread about it already and I will get merged :scream:

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Very sad.There’s no hope for you now.Next it will be The Masked Celebrity Big Brother on Ice,the list goes on…


Perhaps the condition will just be temporary, so don’t panic yet. :face_with_thermometer:


Before I panic I hope it’s not contagious either, is it?
:slightly_frowning_face: :grinning:

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I too watched 2 dancers first time in years , that was enough I turned the TV off .

When will they bring back some good weekend TV.Instead of the same old ,

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I only started watching Strictly about 3 years ago. Never thought I’d be able to manage a whole programme, let alone a whole series! But I got hooked very quickly and absolutely love it now. Yes, Greg Wise’s story about his sister was very moving, and I loved his dance with his partner.

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I understand, from a friend with a TV, that Sara Davies did well this week?

Met her lots of times at Craft Fares - she is a lovely friendly person - would like her to win!

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Don’t watch it, there is a possibility that a lot of lovey dovey stuff goes on, it migrates onto Radio 2 in the morning, just guessing Lovely People. :grinning:

I’m the opposite I used to love it and watched it religiously…but I can’t be bothered with it now,

Yes she was really good tonight, certainly redeemed herself in the eyes of the judges after a poorer start in the opening show last week. She was so emotional with all the lovely things the judges said to her, she could barely talk when Claudia was interviewing her and her partner after the dance!

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I’ve always disliked all the nonsense that goes with it so what I now do is record it then just flick through to the actual dances then flick onwards so I probably only watch half an hour at the most and dont have to listen to the silliness and the screaming and whoop whooping

A person can only take so much Lovey Dovey. :grinning:

And what’s wrong with Strictly? IMHO, it’s far better than the ITV rip off version.