“them”....... the series

Have you watched this series?..THEM…Season One.

I found it absolutely bizarre and could not understand what was going on, not until the second to last programme in the series, when all was revealed…seriously…I have never watched such a bizarre series of events in all my life…:weary::tired_face:

Nope haven’t watched that series. But am enjoying Archive81 on Netflix. :+1:


I have never watched anything so bizarre in all my life…I very nearly stopped watching it, i skipped some episodes, then I came to the last but one episode, which then made sense…so went back and watched the remaining episodes…it was truly horrifying to watch and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing…to be honest…it nearly sent me mad watching it.:weary:

Yes, We watched it, it was a bit evil, especially the bit with the baby.

Creepy and hard to understand until it all fell into place but then I guess horror tv is supposed to be. Watch at your own risk :scream:

There’s going to be a season two, but it’s not a follow up to this one, we won’t ever find out what happened to them, I hate that

It’s going to be a new supernatural story about what black people faced in those times

Gonna give it a go, Pauline?

I might give that a go, it did well on Rotten Tomatoes

At the moment we’ve got Boba Fett, Snowpiercer, We’re all Dead and the Walking Dead the World beyond on the go

We call the Walking Dead the World Beyond “The Woking Dead” because it’s all about teenage angst and being PC

Grogu will choose the Way, I’m sure of it. He is the only bit of TV worth watching right now.

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‘Course he will, he’s our guy


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The black couple imo overcame the devil…the white preacher was on a mission and entered into a covenant with the devil ,after his death ,before their deaths the townsfolk,… they murdered the black couple, next thing you know the whole town and folk went up in flames and died…before they died, black cursed the white and the white cursed the black…he sent most of the blacks mad and kept his pact with the devil…the town I believe was built on the ground, where they all went up in flames…the preacher and his followers…it was great to watch at the end the evil being overcome by the black couple,and watching the grip from the devil leave his hand, what a Terrible hold he had over that family…they overcame him though and watched him be destroyed.:+1:

No, I won’t be watching the next season…I found this one evil…but interesting.

It’s good to watch these types of programmes at times, it opens up the mind.

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I dont watch anything supernatural, creepy, or evil, thanks.

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I tend not to either purely because I just don’t believe in the supernatural. I found Archive 81 difficult watch because of this but eventually warmed to it.

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I think what I learnt from it was, the powers that be out there and what hold evil can have over another…

Yet, this black couple, held together as a family and overcame the evil that was in the preacher, with help from above, …a real eye opener for on how powerful the supernatural can be…"without question I believe in the supernatural…and that film, albeit horrific, it captured the supernatural at work beautifully…

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