The Yoxman statue

Anyone live in Suffolk ?
have you seen the Yoxman
What do you think ?

I don’t live in Suffolk but I think it looks like The Golem gone wrong…sorry!

What is it actually for, Muddy? Who is he?
I have never heard of it before.
It doesn’t look ‘finished’ somehow, like they still have more to do yet.

I see it 26ft tall!

Yeah, why not! I would rather have him than not have him.

I think it’s one of those pieces of sculpture that could grow on you.
I wasn’t particularly blown away by images of The Angel of The North originally but seeing it in the flesh so to speak is quite a different matter.

I think he looks brilliant! I’d love to see him…and I like how rough and unfinished he looks, rather than sleek and polished.

It’s certainly big .

I don’t know Mups .

It’s to draw attention to climate change…that’s why his body looks like that. It represents the landscape…earth, dirt etc. You are meant to look at him, be reminded of the earth and how we destroying it and have a chat about it.

I think.

The artist says …"I want people to like it, to have an affection for it, to revisit it and see something different every time…" :thinking: Like it, yes, have affection for it, not so much.

Oh, thanks Pixie. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Pixie that’s interesting .
In some of his sculptures he adds stones and sticks .
This is Man of Stones

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I like this…I see what he is trying to do, and I would enjoy looking at these in real life. Dunno if I would have one in the garden though :smiley:

I like it… we should have more art around the place it makes people think and it intruduces art to kids just out for a walk… thats good

i dont like it , mainly cause to me it looks menacing.

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That was pretty much my first impression… he’s starting to grow on me :slight_smile:

One day when we have wiped ourselves off the planet some other beings will know what we look like .
( They will think we are giants )

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Aye, walking about naked looking like lumpy mud :joy:

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Oh Gawd . . . Does that mean we can expect people to start gluing themselves to him soon? :roll_eyes:

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Haha! That made me laugh!

Good job he is tall…it could get a bit awkward ahem :innocent:

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yes he looks as if he might if you get too close up!

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