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Two Irishmen, who carried their dead pal to the post office and propped him up at the counter in an apparent attempt to collect his pension. The pair claim the man was alive when they set off. “We’re hardly going to drag a dead man down the road,” one said, adding: “He probably died in the post office – at the ice-cream freezer, I’d say that’s where he dropped off…

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Link to an article and some discussion in this thread.

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I’d be interested to know what the outcome of this story was.

Last news I could find was that the nephew and his accomplice had been charged with deception and attempted fraud and sent for trial.
This news report in July 2022 says that the post mortem found no evidence that foul play was the cause of death but they could only say the man probably died on the morning of the visit to the post office - they couldn’t give an exact enough time of death to prove the suspicion that the man was dead before his nephew and accomplice took him to the post office to try to collect his pension.
The case was adjourned until November 8th to give time for further documents and evidence but bail was refused so I presume the men remained in custody until the trial resumed?

I couldn’t find anything reporting what happened in November, so maybe the court hearing was adjourned again?
If they are still in custody during this long adjournment, they’ll be rueing the day they ever thought it was a good idea to try to drag the dead or dying Uncle down to the post office, just to collect £246.

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The nephew has bigger troubles than this one case. He had been sentenced on unrelated theft charges and other charges, so he’ll be in jail for a while. He obviously has addiction problems.

They did attend court for this case, but it was one of many.

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Thanks for that link - that explains why he was not granted bail!

It’s sad and horrible to read of the depths people can sink to when they become addicted to illegal drugs.