The women who left their jobs to code

Don’t know about that, but, if a recent happening is anything to go by, some Women Chelsea Tractor drivers should spend a bit more time studying the Highway Code. :grin:

I don’t get what “happening” you mean but I don’t suppose a woman driving has any bearing on women wanting to code? :thinking:

I’ve always thought it was odd that women don’t get into coding. You’d think it would be ideal. It’s not physical, it’s well paid, flexible hours, can work from home, plenty of work and you can take on jobs from anywhere in the world

My son works in it and there are hardly any women, and those there are tend to be “testers” rather than programmers

There is definitely a male misogynist culture among them, they tend to be “brogrammers” , sipping Huel and going to the gym and talking about sex a lot while they code! Or else they are extreme introverts :scream:

I think it’s because a lot of programmers got into it through PC gaming and that world is also very male dominated

So well done to these ladies, I think girls in school should be encouraged into the world of coding and IT as potential careers, it’s where the future is

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I’m glad this trend is changing too. But I do wonder if coders will be affected by AI. I’ve read that low level coders might have their jobs taken by AI but there will be people who need to work on the AI or maintaining the systems.

I think the ‘basic’ coders just evolve and develop to take on the new stuff?

I’ve heard lots of people who aren’t coders or programmers express concerns about it whereas all the people I know who actually work in it aren’t a bit worried

They are just developing their skills and studying to be the ones who are experts in the new technology

It’s never been a job where you just learn it and that’s it. They’ve always had to be constantly learning and adapting

But I do think programming and coding should be taught in schools, from primary up. It’s so fundamental to our lives now, almost like reading and writing

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I worked as a programmer for nearly 30 years and worked with many women right through. As with the males some were good and some were poor programmers.

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