The White House wants to 'cryptographically verify' videos of Joe Biden so viewers don't mistake them for deepfakes

The White House is preparing to cryptographically verify videos of Joe Biden so they are not mistaken for deepfakes.

AI generated robocalls have recently been made illegal.

This will be a nasty, negative campaign and Trump’s supporters will be producing many fake videos to discredit Biden. So its surely no surprise that this verification is in place?


Beyond the campaign, they’re also trying to make sure that people can be assured that if they see something from Biden about the country that it’s actually from Biden.

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You mean like the democrats are producing fake propaganda about Trump?

A very advantageous venture to ensure All and Anyone is themselves when appearing on social media, TV, or any public view. It might curtail some of this scheming and nefarious belittling of people.

I’d be very surprised that they need to make anything up, Trump gives them all the outrageous content they need.

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