The way I post things


A few comments on my style of posting.

Yes, i do do double space.

A legacy decades ago when at a very young age I was accepted as an Expert Witness.

A sarcastic comment from a very Senior Judge…

You obviously know your science, unfortunately you are not very good at explaining it to us mere mortals of the judicatory.

We are simple mortals, as are members of the Jury.

Simple explanations are all that we need.

That was a very crushing put down, I have learnt from it.

It is very hard to explain some things to others.

Please start again and explain it in simple terms.

I do and try my best
It was not nice, they bled to death slowly because of a deliberate knife injury.

I cannot comment conclusively on who inflicted the injury.

Such is life.
I apologise to them in advance.

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I think your style is ok @swimfeeders and it’s interesting to know how it originated.

I’m not sure whether I have a particular style, I just like to write in a way that’s correct in both it’s punctuation and spelling, which I do think helps others to comprehend my meaning more clearly. :blush:

(Doesn’t always work of course… :rofl:)


I don’t do tact and deplomacy,I post in black and white so to say. If things have to be said I like to make it plain so no misunderstanding. Blunt some would even say but that is me I can’t stand people who “woffle” and don’t do plain speaking. If someone wants help and I can assist sure I will do willingly. That is and always has been my style. Some poeple just are not used to this and easily take offence because they are not accustomed to someone straight talking or writing