The Voice US Season 24

The Voice US Season 24 starts on Sept. 25th. The coaches are Reba McIntyre, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Niall Horan.

For me, it’s on Peacock. I have a subscription until the end of September. Then I’ll have to decide if it’s worth paying for. I’m not as excited for this season as last season. Without Blake, I don’t know if it will be as fun.

I watched the first week of The Voice. I can’t say there were any stand out performances.

The 16 year old yodeler was a good yodeler. There was a 13 year old. She was good for a 13 year old but not exceptional. One performer, Mara Justine, was on both AGT and American Idol when she was younger. It wasn’t mentioned on the show but I remember her from AGT clips.

The banter between the coaches is the same. A couple performers were huge One Direction fans that went with Niall. Except for the country singers, Reba hasn’t gotten much recognition so far despite Carson trying to pump her up all the time.

Overall it was entertaining. I’ll probably get the subscription to Peacock at some point but since I’m not watching it live, it doesn’t matter much when.

Wow, this was crazy! Whistle notes at the beginning, middle and end of the song, all done brilliantly.

I think this one might be one to watch. She said she did One Direction fan fiction when she was young. I hope she goes with Niall.

The talent on the show this season is pretty good. I think it’s better than a lot of the previous seasons.

This was a nice battle. Tanner sang a Lewis Capaldi song in the blind audition. It was just ok. Lennon was a 4 chair turn. Both went to team Niall. I think Niall thought Tanner was going to be cannon fodder, but Tanner stepped up and did a great job. When Niall picked Lennon, Tanner got a steal. Niall looked worried.

I just finished watching the playoffs. It’s right before the lives. They have already broadcast the top 12 of the lives but I haven’t watched it yet.

So far, my favorites from the playoffs are Mac Royals, Lila Forde and Nini Iris. The first two are on team John Legend. The third is on team Niall Horan.

And the winner is:

The Voice season 24 winner

Huntley with Niall Horan coaching

I didn’t see that coming. I don’t think they did either based on the interviews. The other contestants either fell apart or went on cruise control. He won based on consistency. Watching the last 5 performances of the remaining contestants, I do think he won, but he wasn’t the biggest talent in the room, just the one that went the distance. which counts for a lot in a contest like this.

Amazing that Niall Horan won two years in a row, the only years he has been coaching. I didn’t think he’d be as good of a coach as he was. He really knew how to give constructive feedback well.