The Varroa Mite has Arrived

The movement of bees within New South Wales has been halted following the discovery last week of a deadly parasite at the Port of Newcastle.

The statewide emergency order, which took effect at 6pm on Sunday, aims to prevent the spread of Varroa destructor, commonly called varroa mite, and described as the number one threat for Australia’s bee industry.

The mite was discovered in indicator bees in the port of Newcastle and all bees within a 10km radius will be destroyed as well as bees in Trangie where some bees were taken just before the mite was discovered.

Australia is the only continent that has been free of the mite until now.

Makes you wonder where it came from,

I don’t know but I presume it arrived by ship hence the indicator bees at the port.

Was it only a matter of time, although from watching various border control programmes you guys seemed on top of these things.

Oh no, that’s indeed bad news, Bruce. :unamused:

We do have very strict quarantine and bio security controls to keep out exotic plant and animal diseases. When diseases do sneak in they are very quickly controlled. For example if avian flu appears every bird is destroyed in the area and quarantines introduced.

Some years ago a case of horse flu (I think it was) was brought in by a UK race horse, the whole racing industry was shut down instantly. All horse movements were stopped, kids at a weekend gymkhanas were suddenly stuck there with their horse unable to return home. It went on for weeks until horse flu was completely wiped out.

It is draconian but it works (so far)

How on earth was it spotted ?

Didn’t have a valid visa when it arrived.

I think they have these hives near ports especially for this purpose, it has been a concern for a long time. I don’t know much about it but this might tell more.

The Varroa Mite has been detected in Bulahdelah in hives which came from Newcastle the area has been quarantined and hives will be destroyed.