The Undeclared War

I’ve just finished watching this and I think it was brilliant!

In a post pandemic 2024 Boris has been ousted (sounds familiar) a leading team of analysts buried in the heart of GCHQ secretly works to ward off a cyber attack on the country’s electoral system… talk about scary and it could happen.

Really worth watching

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Which channel is it on?

Its on Channel 4 and you can watch all episodes on demand at all4

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Thanks. We’re watching it now!

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I’m watching now, can’t say i’m over excited .

What do you mean Summer…It has happened. Where do you think the ideas come for these dramas…If you can think it, somebody has probably done it…

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I am in the middle of the series too.

I really like the way they portray the code breakers cracking the code so much better than scrolling lines of meaningless code up and down the screen.

It’s on the streaming service Stan here

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We’ve just finished episode3, most of it is going right over my silly head but I’m really enjoying it!

Is Simon Pegg wearing a syrup.

I think of loads of stuff that nobody could have possibly done. :thinking:

You’d be surprised Harbal…

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I watched the first episode last night.

The production detail is commendably accurate and the acting to a high standard (Hannah Khalique-Brown especially) but plot is a necessarily simplified version of what would be the “actual” events.

Nevertheless, it was enough to persuade me to watch the second episode tonight to see “what happens next” … :slightly_smiling_face:

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It sounds interesting - I’ll have a look for it next week, so I can start from the beginning.

Oh yes, it does sound interesting. I will have a look this evening, thanks for the heads up.

Mrs LD was recruited by a security service (she left after 3yrs, disillusioned) and she was not in any way surprised either by internal frictions and in-fighting or by the plot. She was much happier when she returned to law :+1:

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We watched the first two episodes last night and, to be honest, we thought it was rather slow.

What I’ll do later today is to see how many more episodes are yet to come. In my experience, if there are more than four episodes, and the first two are slow, the rest is likely to be slow as well, unless something exciting happens at some stage.

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We managed the first episode before giving up.


I’m surprised some people found it slow… like Bruce I loved the way they portrayed the code breakers cracking the code… took me a while to understand what was going on but worth persevering.

I’ve just watched the second episode and it went from bad to worse to dreadful. The episode revolved around personal relationships with verbal exchanges in measured, hushed tones and ending with a brown on black lesbian kiss.

What I thought, in episode 1, was dramatic style turns out to be just bad acting. The plot jumped the shark when the Muslim work placement operative was teamed with an American permanent operative (of unknown, but lowly, status) to follow an unverified “lead” to one of the malware agents at a cyber conference in Harrogate … finding themselves at a loose end, they bonded with beers in a bedroom … sealed with a kiss … :shark:

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Sorry, Summer, but we watched (part of) the third episode last night and, I’m sorry to say, found it rather boring and decidedly woke.
A shame, as with the concept I think it could have been scripted much better.