The Too Good to Go app

I’ve reserved a breakfast surprise bag with my local Toby Carvery, to collect tomorrow. A little drive out, but I can pop into Tesco on the way home.

Paid £2.79. Hope I get something decent!

Anyone else used this app? This is my first time.


Curiosity got the better of me Jazzi, I now have the app on my phone, watch this space…I hope you have a good breakfast :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks Chilli. Good luck to you too.

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Nice idea, Jazzi. Maybe we will try it

I could have also ordered a carvery for this evening from the Toby, but didn’t fancy driving all that way at 9, 9.15pm. Late morning is good enough for me.

Never heard of this, do you think it’ll be a full English?

They give you items that are left over. Often, people who have ordered on the app report that places have run out, so they get a refund. So what I get will depend on exactly that, what is left. They give out little round containers, apparently.

Sounds like a food bank. Is the meal cheaper than normal?

Not a food bank. It is local shops and eating places that sell bags of food left over at the end of the day. Sometimes people get bargains, sometimes not. It depends on the staff and what they put in the bags.

These places have signed up to the app to sell off food that would otherwise be wasted, hence the name Too Good To Go.

I often see my local carvery offering the roast (late evening) or breakfast, but have no idea what staff will put in the box for me this morning. Or if indeed there will be anything worth having.

A lot of people can’t afford to eat out at normal prices, or if they have lots of mouths to feed. Me, I just love a bargain.

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Yes Bruce, quite a few pounds cheaper.

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May I ask if you did get something decent Jazzi?

The pot was full, but a lot got wasted. Three slices of black pudding (Bleugh), and mushrooms. Why I ate were three sausages, mushy tomatoes, and diced potato. Worth it? Jury is out on that. I expected at least to get beans, egg or bacon.

Trying to resize photo.

Hmm…a bit of a lucky dip it would seem, or not depending on how you feel about black pudding :thinking:
I would have slaughtered it, with some spicy sauce and white pepper… :drooling_face:

Nope, it went in the bin! Ghastly stuff. And mushrooms.

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Remembered, I took a photo with my phone in the car.

Taken before I started eating. And yes, I did have cutlery with me.


That would have been a good bowl for me because I love black pudding and mushrooms :yum: and good value

The thing is, it’s always a bit of a lucky dip,

It’s stuff they haven’t sold, so it’s usually their less popular things so you do better if you’re not a picky eater

I used to do it when I was working and share a lunch one with a colleague

Upper Crust was always good, you’d get two baguettes and a pastry for £2.75

And The Pasty Shop , £3

And of course Small Goods, the posh doughnut shop!

The trick is only to get bags from places where you’d like their food if you’re paying full price for it and hope some of your favourites are left overs :yum:

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I forgot they included black pudding in the ingredients, and it’s probably more cost effective to ‘give them away’.

I will try other shops, but chose breakfast because of the time of day it was offered.

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Pity you didn’t enjoy it but worth a try.

I know we have an organisation called OZ Harvest that collects surplus food to give to charity to provide meals for people doing it tough. I often see their vans.

I don’t know of any organisation that does something similar for your average person. There’s always Meals on Wheels of course for pensioners and the housebound.

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