The Speaker does a good telling off!

Now, I’m biased towards Sir Lindsay because he likes cats and Attlee says I have to be nice to him

But you have to admire the ticking off he gave Kemi Badenoch, he let her have it with both barrels :scream:


From someone who has no idea what’s going on and probably shouldn’t be posting about it, I found this amusing. From that short clip, he’s yelling at her for a statement of apology. I have to guess the words of apology were sarcastic?


Yes, a bit sarcastic and insincere, not accepting that she was at fault and sort of blaming him for finding fault and objecting to what she’d done :rofl:

She pretty much said she was sorry he didn’t like what she did, implying the fault in that was his, rather than admitting she’d done something wrong, apologising and putting it right!

Hence the rollocking!


Blimey … :astonished:

I had to look for context:

Kemi Badenoch shouted down in the Commons by Hoyle: ‘Who do you think you’re speaking to’ | Politics | News | (the video contains before and after content)

A furious Lindsay Hoyle tore into Secretary of State Kemi Badenoch after she failed to voluntarily inform the Commons about a major change to Government Policy on Brexit

Speaker of the Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle flew into a rage this morning, asking a senior minister: “Who do you think you’re speaking to?”

The row was sparked after a seemingly major change to Government Brexit policy wasn’t proactively announced to the Commons, and Secretary of State Kemi Badenoch was instead forced to the dispatch box via an Urgent Question.

Sir Lindsay told the House: “I know it is highly regrettable that the Government decided not to offer an oral statement on this matter yesterday, given the importance of this announcement”.

“On such matters, full engagement with Parliament and its committees is essential.”

“I will remind the Government that we are elected to hear it first, not to read it in the Telegraph, and a Written Ministerial Statement is certainly not satisfactory for such an important matter.”

Responding to Sir Lindsay’s objections, Mrs Badenoch said she was “very sorry that the sequencing that we chose was not to your satisfaction”.

This comment caused the Speaker to fly off in a rage, sitting the Secretary of State down and demanding to know “Who do you think you’re speaking to?”

"That is totally not acceptable! Who do you think you’re speaking to, Secretary of State? I think we need to understand each other.

"I am the defender of this house and these benches on both sides, I am not going to be spoken to by a Secretary of State who is absolutely not accepting my ruling.

“Take it with good grace and accept it.”

Even after being rebuked, Badenoch showed no contrition - she comes across a very conceited person.

Ms Badenoch’s session at the dispatch box didn’t get much easier as she took questions from across the House.

Tory MPs launched an open civil war over the Government’s decision to ditch the deadline by which Rishi Sunak had said he wanted to scrap or review all remaining EU law on the British statute books.

Ms Badenoch insisted the move was a mere change of process rather than a change of policy.

Well done, Sir Lindsay … :clap:

Attlee approves, too:



She definitely had it coming.

Not announcing a major government change of policy properly in Parliament by correct procedures shows contempt for the people and disrespect

And then to word her “apology” as if it was just a minor scheduling issue and he was being petty was arrogant in the extreme

I don’t usually have any sympathy for Brexit voters but they are entitled to hear about this major change in Brexit policy properly, in Parliament, not just slipped through as if it’s nothing🤷‍♀️

“Take it with good grace and accept it” isn’t behaviour she’s capable of, it seems :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Arrogant cow, she needs to remember she’s an elected representative, not god-all-ruddy- mighty :rage:


Calm down, dear … you’ve got Attlee worried:




He’s turning into another Bercow and that’s very bad news

No calls for his resignation for bullying ?

I think he should sic Attlee on them!

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Speaker orders Tory MP Paul Bristow out of Commons chamber - BBC News (video)

Lindsay Hoyle interrupted Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer to warn backbenchers about the noise at PMQs.

The Speaker then told Conservative backbencher Paul Bristow to leave the Commons after telling him: “I am not having it and I warned you before.”

Cameras in the Commons then show the Peterborough MP leave his seat (on the left of the shot) and walk out of the chamber.

“Out or I’ll name you” … :scream_cat:

“Naming” is a rarely invoked procedure which has no teeth but which attaches an unwelcome stigma to the recipient.

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