The Saddest Words l Ever Heard

Last week, l was returning back to my car in a supermarket car park. I clicked my car keys to unlock my car doors.
When l got to my car, l noticed a green scratch on my wheel hub that wasn’t there before. ‘Oh no’, l thought, ‘who would have done that and just cleared off?”

I went round the back of the car to put my shopping in the boot and realised, it wasn’t my car at all!
Relieved but annoyed at myself for not recognising my own car, l got into my car.

Just then, an elderly gentleman appeared, he was shuffling along carrying a bag of shopping. He stopped at the car, l had tried getting into!
As the episode had tickled me l thought l would get out of my car and tell him that l had thought his car was mine and someone had scratched it and cleared off.

He chuckled and said, ‘That scratch was caused when l reversed out of my garage!’
Then out of the blue, he said, ‘Thank You for talking to me’.
I was taken aback by this remark but he said, since the lockdowns no one really talks to him anymore. They keep to themselves or swerve out of the way for fear of catching Covid.
We chatted a little more and off he went.

But those words…’Thank You For Talking To Me’. have stuck in my mind and l wonder how many other people are lonelier since the Covid outbreak and lockdowns.

What are the saddest words you’ve ever heard?


I believe there are more lonely people since covid, but there has always been lonely elderly people , I used to have many conversations with them on how lonely they were.

I think lonely people come from all different age groups, I was desperately lonely when I was left with my two boys to bring up, before I remarried and had another son.


Sadly very few of us take time to consider the welfare of other people, especially strangers.

Perhaps we should all, especially me be more like Artangel, more so in these times,

We all know a few kind words and a smile cost nothing…… kind words and acknowledgement can mean so much and more to someone who feels all alone

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Yesterday I went to see an old client of mine she is 96 lives alone yet family live nearby, they call quite regularly to check on her . When saying goodbye I said " shall we have a hug as weve both been double jabbed" ( I test often)

Oh yes please she said , so we hugged and she held onto me and said " my family never touch me you know they never ever hug me , why ? " so we had a second hug and I kissed her cheek too.

She is a loving affectionate old friend . I’m stunned to think her 2 sons and daughter never touch her. I find that very sad


I could say but you might cry…

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Our local Supermarket has always attracted chatting in the Isles…
It is now like a Public Meet Up.
… People are feeling it in here also of course. They miss their greetings, which was always at least one kiss on each cheek.
… The first time I met our neighbour friend who was the Under Maire who always had a smile on his face…I was in Lidls and he was there with his wife…he went to greet me and I showed him my elbow instead…his face dropped a mile…
He soon joined the others though within days… in not greeting with kisses but people, you could see were confused with each other back then…
Yes so lots and lots of Older French Folks talking their heads off in the Supermarkets…Great friendly people around me.
p.s. Just to add where ever you go, as soon as you enter a building of any kind people say, ‘’ bonjour’’…sometimes if possible they go on the chat more…

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I tell you where else I get a lot of chat Art, on the bus and at the bus depot, there are a lot of lonely people there as well, Marianne is one of them.i haven’t seen her in a while though.

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