The Royal Pantomine continues

well I’m surprised you’re surprised OGF wait a mo - no changed my mind I’m not!! forgot aboout ya pacemaker !!

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I’m sure the next head of state will make good use of the shisha lounge with integrated pole dancing facility…

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It’s not unusual for a bloke to pole dance Annie…

Each to their own :slight_smile: My main point was that the opulent lifestyle of our royals is relatively modest vs some heads of state .

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It opulent by any other standard .
There are many presidents who live modest lifestyles

Such as President Erdoğan of Turkey.


It’s Erdogan what so you expect having said that all presidential residences are grand .

like who for example with full costings if you can??

But that doesn’t make either opulent lifestyles of U.K. royalty v heads of state correct. Compare our royalty with the best, not the worst offenders.

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You have to compare like with like in terms of the size and scope of a nation. I’m sure that there are some countries with a small population and GDP, where the head of state lives in a 3 up 2 down and wears Matalan rather than Chanel & cycles to official events. But I’m not sure who they are and how they compare with the pressures Britain is under to put on a show for the world.

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I don’t know about a two up two down & Matalan, perhaps you can enlighten me on those heads of state .

Let Compare U.K. royal family to Norway.
A fantastic prosperous country Norway .
Where almost 80% of people in Norway support the monarchy, and the Royal family is more popular than ever.
Yes the The Norwegian head of state has been known to catch the bus and cycle.
Whilst the U.K. Only three in 10 Britons think the monarchy is very important, the lowest proportion on record,
since the king’s coronation …
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been slammed for being an embarrassment to themselves and others, while Andrew is the most unpopular royal with just 7% of people holding a positive opinion on him.
I think U.K. royals might fair better and gain public respect by dressing down and living a like a mortal, instead of a demigods, half God half mortal in their palaces and over ostentatious lifestyles. It does them no favours they have become flawed damaged goods.


Is this the same Norway with a population of just over 5 million Ripple?

What does that matter ?

Norway has a 5m population and is wealthy because of its oil reserves. Not really comparable to the UK or other major nations. However, its royal residence looks very familiar!

Most developed nations give their head of state a nice place to live and a good salary. It’s not really about what the head of state wants but about what the country wants to showcase to the world.

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We have oil, coal and other mineral wealth but choose not to use it. The only country in the world not to take advantage of what is buried beneath.

What does a Population of 5 million have to have to do with a head of state living a modest lifestyle

What does Norwegian oil reserves and population of 5 million have to do with their head of state living modest lifestyle and enjoy overwhelmingly support from the their country folk

Unlike the uk royal family living out of touch with ordinary people ostentatious lifestyle .
While they enjoy the use of some two dozen residences across the UK households , up and down the country people have been struggling desperately to cover their bills.
U.K. royal family are a hangover from years gone by .

By the way the U.K. has mineral and gas wealth.
Mineral /oil wealth is off topic!!

I don’t think there’s any point in carrying on with this conversation. I’ve made my feeling crystal clear.

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I posted a pic of the Norwegian King’s modest lifestyle - one of his residences, the Royal Palace in Oslo. I am guessing with their oil reserves this is a typical residence of his subjects :slight_smile:

I am very fond of the Australian Royal Family. They live overseas, paid for by foreigners so cost us nothing and rarely visit or interfere.If you are going to have a Royal Family that is the one to have.

There is nothing like a smug ocker :grinning:

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