The River of Grief ……

The river of Grief …….


The unthinkable Happens ,

And i fall head first into the river of Grief

Flailing , confused,and Disorientated

Grasping for a lifeline for Him and Me .

Respite comes with busyness

i get my bearing’s,and slowly move ,

To the bank of the raging River,

I stay busy ,as its the only way …

Then another Hurdle to Jump

oh Hell ,I fall again ,

Im still busy, but it no longer works ,

Confused again ,

Searching for another way out .

Then Another Loss, My Father,

I know the Drill, i learn to pretend ,

I can almost believe I’m ok

Everyone else believes I am .

Then my Mother Dies,

I cant go to there again

I cant Feel !

I cling to the branches,of the river

I cling, and cling on , I cant go there .

The fear of Drowning is Real ,

I must not let go ,

Unbearable Grief tightens my grip,

I cant let go, I must keep busy

Then one day ,Yesterday ,

I woke up, hoping to see clearer,

I separate from the River of Grief .

I didn’t Fall In, I wasn’t Pushed, I created it !

Im a fighter, A Survivor,

And today Im finding a way to climb out of this pool of sadness

Im walking into a raging river of Grief to heal !

Hopefully !!