The Religion, by Tim Willocks

I’ve just finished a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading - The Religion, by Tim Willocks.

It’s about the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 but with a twist that really gets you - I had tears in my eyes towards the end!

I was born in Malta so some of the drama was in places I’ve actually been to but not realised the full horror of what happened, despite extensive reading on the subject.

The final battle to eject Suleiman’s forces took place exactly where my wife and I were based in 1996 and 1998 but I’d never known that until I read this book, including the beach I’d always cherished from distant memory.

Imagining the scenes there in 1565 with thousands of Muslim troops mown down by Christian forces near that beach it now seems obvious to me why I felt the way that I did there.

Over 7000 Maltese died in the battles for the island but Suleiman lost 40,000!

Definitely a recommended book! stevmk2

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Sounds good - will look for it !

the great religions of the world have never agreed with each other and have manifested this in extreme atrocities - for example the almost forgotten atrocities in Europe and now between Muslims and Muslims in Syria - the tale goes on.

Er…this is FILM,TV, BOOKS gumbud.

I’m recommending a book that I’ve read - nothing really to do with religion so it’s not a Discussion as such. stevmk2