The Queen's best bits

With many other threads understandably attracting both positive and negative views, I thought it might be nice to put up a thread to highlight her most memorable bits for all her fans and supporters here.

Do you recall any favourite moments of hers? Please share them here!

Here’s some of her most famous:

(Please do not post anything controversial in this thread)

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From that video I liked the James Bond one, the Paddington Bear clip, and my favourite is probably the one with Harry - they look so happy and close.

I am not from the UK so best bits are not easy for me to gather, but I certainly think that such a remarkable lady who impacted so many lives deserves indeed a tribute thread.

I guess the story I liked was when she met an American tourist asking her if she had met the Queen and she went on with it with great humour.

Macron summed it up very well when he told the Brits.
‘‘To you she was your Queen to us she was The Queen!’’
This is pretty much how the whole commonwealth community feels like I guess.
She was the mother of entire nations with a great sense of humour, duty and humanity and we grew up with her she was the only Queen we knew.


I liked this one when she knighted Captain Tom, that smile did look genuine, two old codgers enjoying themselves together



The best story I heard was when she knighted Norman wisdom, as he turned away he did his trademark little trip, everyone was in fits of laughter, the queen had to turn her back in order to compose herself…


I like this image (and the story behind it)



It was her humanity and her ability to remember things, the common touch, if you like.

There was one, very brief, period in my life, when of necessity, I was close to her.

Just another nonentity, not someone to be noticed at all.

On the last day she was on walk about, I had finished my job, and had my very young son on my shoulders, hoping he would get a glimpse.

She stopped momentarily, gave me a small nod, and my son a big beaming smile and waved at him.

I got another small nod and a smile and she was on her way.

That is the measure of her, she noticed and remembered the little things and she surprised so many doing this.

Never flash, just a legend.


Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis

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I really enjoyed that video .

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I’m liking the moment she says the annoying helicopter is Trump!

I think adding Obama was a bit of a diplomatic afterthought :grinning:

Another lovely pic of the late Queen and King Charles III

I just love seing her smile/chuckle and laugh.
I shall miss her as will soooo many.

Another lovely video .

Queen Elisabeth sense of humour