The Queen ,the end of an era

The end of her long reign is nigh .
I wonder if she will make it to the end of the year.

Is she unwell, Muddy? 96 is a good age - but her mother made it to her century.

Can’t see anything about it Muddy, have you got a link?

I wondered if she would make it to her platinum jubilee … here she is months later still standing …Just


Starting to take things easy

Brain is still razor sharp.

Good Luck to her

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I doubt she will live as long as her mother that old Beldam was pickled in gin and never did a days work in her far too long life .


Lol,you werent a lover of her then Muddy . Well im off to buy my first bottle of gin.
I actually dread the day when HM passes.
I think she is and has been a wonderfull Queen.

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Yes I think she will still go on longer , 2 to 3 more years , her life is comfortable .

It will be very intersting when she does die . I’m not a royalist and I don’t have much time for them but she has been a wonderful queen .

I do wonder what changes there will be in the future , will William make it to be king , will George ? Maybe William and Kate but after that I’m not sure .

I agree, she wanted to come across as a sweet caring lady. I thought she was an old Harridan, you only have to look back at people who upset her. And see what happened to them. :flushed:

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Bet she can’t wait to meet another prime minister.


Depending on who is in government I expect the push for Australia to become a republic will pick up with the death of the Queen.

John Howard, a monarchist, carefully stymied the last attempt with a cleverly worded plebiscite than no one could agree with.

The only grounds for disagreement is whether the replacement for the Governor General will be popularly elected or chosen by parliament.

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I believe she was responsible for splitting Charles & Camilla up when they were young & in love. She used her powers to get him posted abroad.

If she had kept her nose out, Charles & Camilla would have married & had babies & the tragedy of Princess Diana would never have happened…

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Can you imagine the alternative, a president chosen by politicians

Would that be any different to our Governor General? Apart from John Kerr there has been little to fault them.


You have a much better class of politicians than we do

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I doubt that.

FWIW, I don’t think that Charles is a particularly great role model as a head of state, as he’s betwixt and between what once was and what the world is moving towards. By the nature of these things, his reign is unlikely to be a long one and hopefully William is still young enough to represent a more cohesive society by the time he gets the crown.


I personally think it will be a sad day when the queen passes. I think the streets will be lined with mourners. Its a case like anything else, you either like or dislike. Split country on the subject.

Long live our Gracious Queen
God save the Queen


I agree, I just hope you bury the Queen of Australia with the Pomp and Ceremony she has grown accustomed to expect from you. Don’t spare the expense, it will be on tele here so don’t think you can get away with skimping, we will be watching.

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I read somewhere can’t remember where) that Prince Charles is making daily visits to the Queen. I don’t know if that is indicative of anything.

Ahh, just found it, from the Daily Mail, guaranteed to raise the hackles of some…