The Oprah Interview: Prince Harry and Meghan

Please share your thoughts about the interview Oprah conducted.

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I have none, did not watch it and will not be watching it.

Other Peoples’ Family arguments are of no interest to me at all.

We have enough of our own.

The only snippet I heard this morning was about some remark by one of the Royals wondering what colour skin her baby would have. If that’s racism then she doesn’t grasp what the word means - seems a reasonable question to pose to me.


It’s not on until tonight on U.K. tv

I have seen snippets of it on YouTube.

Apparently Megan was silenced, whilst living a life with the royals,…she’s a strong woman, like Diana was,
She’s not cut out for living a life of a royal…she was nieve,in thinking so.imo…you can’t help who you fall in love with, she happened to fall in love with Harry…
I can definitely understand them both wanting to get out,…I guess you can say she’s uncovering the royals…why would they do this…none of my business…I wish the three of them well in their future.

It’s had what I would call a “standard” degree of coverage here. I see the venom fly here regularly about them. My only comment is that when they were here they conducted themselves with grace and dignity. People here welcomed them and they appeared to appreciate it. Nobody in Australia has a problem with either of them. Harry has been here a number of times on his own. The Invictus games were a great success and a great cause. Meghan is mostly famous for “Suits” which was a popular show here.They are young celebrities. Like Kylie or Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett or Hugh Jackman; except they aren’t Australian. Whatever problems they have with their own families are their business.

But…Having said all that, I have to comment on the issue of them being asked how “dark” their babies will be. If I hadn’t seen her say it herself I wouldn’t have believed it. In this day and age. Yet sadly it doesn’t altogether surprise me. It is just plain sad that that conversation would even take place. But I would be prepared to bet who said it.

Tend to look for body language which is usually devoid when thespians are being interviewed.

Yes, Ms d00d has just told me about that. And the royal in question was her beloved husband. :017:

They say opposites attract, and therefor I can understand how Harry fancies darker skin. Then the baby arrives ginger!

I will make a point of watching it.

It doesn’t surprise me those awful words about skin colour were said but I’ve always said mixed race people are very good looking with lovely skin colour and their children will be too.

I have lots of thoughts on this, but I wont go into all the details.

The royals do what is expected of them and, as I still believe that Harry is not Charles son, I also think that Harry & the immediate family know that!
I believe that Harry has always made it clear that the press treated his mother badly, so when they also did that with his wife, I am sure he felt the need to be less restricted and wanted to speak freely!

Americans love these expose stories & making a fortune with them. I also suspect that Harry & Megan want to make sure they have a very good income, so no surprise that this interview took place!
Lets be fair, Americans have always been jealous of the fact that we have royals, I suspect that is why they have treated most of their presidents as some kind of God.

To me, it looks like Harry has achieved some revenge for how his mother was treated by Charles, I am just sad that our loyal queen has had to suffer the embarrassment of her 2 elder sons! :frowning:

I remember when Harry was born, he was called “the hewitt boy”, a far juicier story. :wink:

I will not watch it. Its all over the news this morning anyway, so I won’t need to. I’m not really interested in them, but I’m getting the impressions from the media that all she did was whinge a lot. She knew fine well what she was getting into, and believe she planned everything from the start. The way she treats people when she is done with them is appalling. Typical narcissist.

Loaded answers to loaded questions.

I don’t believe the rumour about Harry not being Charles son .
Harry was already born before Diana met Hewitt.
He does have a resemblance to James Hewitt in that he has ginger hair but James Hewitt has himself a distinct resemblance to Earl Spencer , Diana’s father as a young man .( probably one of the reasons she felt attracted to him)
Harry has various Spencer cousins that look like him all red haired .Here are two of them and Diana’s father John Spencer .

I’ve seen a photo of Charles and Harry side by side and the resemblance is definitely there! I do wish people wouldn’t speculate on Harry’s parentage and accept these rumours.

I have asked my US friend if she was going to watch, but so far waiting her reply. I’m certainly not wasting 2 hours if the press will no doubt print it, maybe verbatim. Besides, it’s all good on ITV tonight.

Royal experts ?

Maybe her parenting skills were second to her queenly ones :slight_smile:

Fully agree with you!