The Nuremberg Trial

I’ve just watched the prosecution proceedings of Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials on My5 catchup. Horrendous - it showed film footage of the countless victims piled up in Auschwitz and Buchenwald waiting to be disposed of and detailed the death of 4.6million Poles burned to death in their homes or simply gunned down in the street on the orders of Hans Frank, governor general. Some children at the concentration camps were cremated alive because the Nazis had run out of the Zyklon B gas normally used to murder them.

The accused couldn’t, or wouldn’t accept that they’d done anything wrong! Out of the twenty-four accused, twelve were sentenced to death, among them Hermann Goering, who committed suicide by cyanide capsule the night before his execution.

Grim viewing. Programmes such as this should be shown in all schools as part of the curriculum to show that the Holocaust really happened and perhaps turn the tide away from anti-Jewish sentiments.


I always find it amazing that Germany and Russia have managed to walk away saying it wasn’t their fault. Blaming others etc.

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By the way is there still no history section? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :confused: :face_with_monocle:

That looks very interesting. We have My5 on catch-up, so I’ll have a look for that.
To make it easier to find, can you tell me the title please?

Which particular history would you like?

Here you go…

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Many thanks. Marge and I will watch it tomorrow.

I was going to post it in either the controversial section or chat, but seeing as it was ostensibly a TV show, I thought it might fit the bill here.

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I totally agree.

Here in the states on CBS Tv, or you can view it on was a piece called, What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants the world to know. Filmed on June 27, 2021. He is an American named Ben Ferencz, well worth the view. About 15 minutes or so, tells so much, with film footage of the actual trial.


Interestingly there’s a radio series on radio 4 about the Nuremberg trials this afternoon at 2.15

I don’t think its controversial its a historical fact .


I just can not watch or listen to it , I know it happened and wonder how human beings who are fathers and mothers themselves could do these horrors. I did watch the boy in the striped pyjamas a while ago and that upset me . I am so sensitive I cant get the visions out of my head . My son visited Auswitch and Berganhour and came back a changed young man . He asked me why I had never told him of these horrors and I told him I just couldn’t talk about them .

Mans inhumanity to man

I will never ever understand

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Judd, I just wanted to let you know that Marge and I have just watched this programme. We were very impressed and thought it was an excellent documentary of what happened.
At various points, Marge became a little upset. It brought home to me too what evil things were done (although perhaps I tend not to show it).

Thanks again for drawing it to my attention. Marge is, at this minute, telling her mother about it as she will certainly want to watch it too.

Horrendous, I believe that it was General Dwight D. Eisenhower who ordered when the camps were liberated for photographs to be taken to publicise what had taken place stating, "one day someone will say this never took place ".

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I find it difficult to understand why the Nazis hated the Jews so much as to exterminate them, often in dreadful ways.

If for any reason they just wanted rid of them, why on earth did they just not deport them?

The Germans just took a dislike to everyone else at various times in history.

My Uncle in law was a member of the 249 Battery, 63rd (Oxfordshire Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment RA who were the very first unit from the Allied Forces to enter Bergen-Belsen on that fateful day of Sunday, April 15th 1945.
He never spoke of the war at all and never attended any armed forces reunions or Poppy day events at all when his eldest son who lived in New Zealand asked him in one of their letters why? he replied

“I have seen things that human beings have done to other human beings; that no one should see and no one live through it just reminds me I would rather walk in the fresh air than let those of my locked up memories in again son”