The NHS is Coping Well


So the politicians claim.

Rubbish, at least locally.

They are desperate for beds and long waiting times, ambulances stacked outside with no trolleys in A &E, and even then many hours of waiting.

Covid is here again, wards are going back to full PPE and isolation.

This greatly reduces the numbers of beds available and cancer treatments are being cancelled.


Not coping well here…

Pensioner ‘disgusted’ by 16-hour wait after suspected heart attack…

Heaven help us when winter comes…


The problem is that there are now more people and fewer healthcare provisions.
From what I hear, the best thing to do is to arrive on the south coast in a rubber dinghy and all your problems are over. Alternatively, commit a crime and get sent to prison. They, too, seem to be well looked after.

There is indeed something wrong with this country.
I wrote elsewhere that I went privately to avoid a minimum 6 months wait to see a specialist. I was seen in two days and wheels were set in motion regarding tests.


That is appalling … :scream:

From what I hear, the best thing to do is to arrive on the south coast in a rubber dinghy and all your problems are over. Alternatively, commit a crime and get sent to prison. They, too, seem to be well looked after. There is indeed something wrong with this country.

That seems to sum up the situation perfectly JBR!

My wife still works in the NHS. There is & has been for several years a critical shortage of mental health beds nationally. So anyone needing an admission is dependent upon a bed being available somewhere within the UK, something that is common & which has been a common situation for years. Hence, the number of mental health patients placed out of area.

It is perfectly normal for people needing a mental health bed to have to remain within A&E for days until a bed becomes available somewhere, often anywhere. Imagine that, you are extremely vulnerable, in desperate need of care & support & then you are placed somewhere hundreds of miles from your home & family support. Now imagine what that does to your already vulnerable condition. Now imagine you are so desperate, you have attempted suicide & your only place of safety is an A&E bed for days before that out of area bed becomes available.

Figures published at the end of last year as a result of Freedom Of Information requests.

47 per cent of trusts sent patients out of area 100 or more times in the 12 months to August 2020.

8 out of 10 out of area beds occupied by NHS patients are in private hospitals, which have increased bed numbers over recent years as the NHS cut its supply.

Looking at the below figures, try & remember that there are 52 weeks in a year. So 245 = approximately 4.7 patients per week & 570 per year is 10.9 patients per week. And the below is simply a sample of the number of people being moved out of area per year, not the full picture.

I would have been amazed if the NHS was coping well, the NSW Health system is definitely under stress in this latest outbreak and we are in nothing like the situation the UK is in…

Just this morning it was reported that some student nurses may have their graduation postponed as hospital nurses cannot supervise them. There is ramping at some Sydney hospitals as ambulances queue to admit patients and there is talk of a creating a separate facility for triaging covid patients.

The NHS has not coped well, it became the COVID health service at the expense of pretty much all other serious medical conditions.

Excess deaths are much higher than normal, more people are being admitted to hospital after finally gone to A&E because either they did not get the early intervention from their GP’s who became almost impossible to see or they were reluctant to go to A&E because of the many many message all over the place tellng people not to go unless they had something life threatenng though how we are supposed to know that was never explained.


I have to agree.
I suspect that this is due to government policy, otherwise known as dictating to everyone that Covid takes priority over everything else.
Boris wants everyone to know that he’s pulling out all the stops to defeat Covid and hopes that they’ll all vote for him again in 2024!

My wife is a mental health liaison nurse, who works for a mental health trust, but within a general hospital. They continued to see people, even those diagnosed as covid positive.

At Christmas Rick Wakeman, who lives locally, turned up & played unannounced, for staff & patients in the canteen.

I used to listen to everything Rick Wakeman played. Very talented gentleman.
But, by God, isn’t he looking old now?

He is 72 now.

Well I hope I can play the piano like that when I’m 72.

I’ll have to get my skates on though. I can’t play it now.


A friend and colleague I have known for about 25 years has finally got an appointment to see the doctor and have some tests run on him as he has been very unwell. He has been mugged off by the NHS for about a year, “due to covid” and had appointment after appointment cancelled.

Anyway, he got his results … turns out he has cancer, he is terminally ill with a life expectancy of 6 months to a year.

He is 54 …

How on earth have we ended up like this ???

I know someone who has throat cancer and needs, surgery, radiotherapy and chemo. Her start date for treatment has been cancelled twice which is absolutely shocking.
We still seem to have a COVID Health Service rather than a National Health Service, it is very scary.

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But isn’t it odd that the NHS who has been operating at 40% capacity, cancelled most operations, outpatients etc still manages to spend the entire NHS budget ?

The church of the NHS is an abstract failure and needs drastic reforms. Only today it is advertising for more management bureaucrats on c£200K a year salaries.

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My own health board up here in Scotland, the management have been found not fit for purpose by an independent inquiry, how was this resolved, the CEO resigned on a very handsome package and a few people were shuffled around?

It’s like being part of the problem pays more than it ever would solving it

I took my health board on once a decade ago after a problem, what a fight that was, the dirty tricks employed by health boards is shocking, matters not that your complaint is legitimate as there is very little they will not do to persuade you to give up.
But I was up for the fight and with the internet there is so much information and help out there.

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