The Lost Stations of Cardiff


Not only Cardiff, but many over the whole of the British Isles and all by order of that b’stard Beeching🤬


I suppose we’ve got some decent cycle paths/nature trails as a consequence.
The Cuckoo Trail springs to mind.

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yes i go on a lot of old rail tracks now walking trails.

thanks for youtube Furry…


Heritages railways have save many stations and tracks, also saved many steam trains for us to enjoy


I remember being in town with my 6 year old nephew.He was desperate to be on a train.So we went from the central station to Cathays.It didn’t take 15 mins but he was ecstatic.The last time I was in the UK I couldn’t afford to travel by train.

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It can be expensive but booking in advance and using split ticketing can bring the cost down considerably. I would never do a long trip by walking up to the ticket office and simply buying a ticket to my destination.
New stations soon to open in Cardiff as part of the Metro scheme.
There is one on Crwys Road and another one on the way to the former Bute Road which is getting an upgrade with it’s second platform reopening.
Which means a tenth platform being built at Cardiff Central.

Used to have five stations and two lines through my town.
Now it’s one line and one station which opened in 1986 24 years after the others shut.