the Liverbird has landed...

…here :smiley:
my name is Karen I’m from Merseyside and I am 50+

I used to be a stripper at a seedy lap dancing club in Liverpool but they sacked me when they found out I did time in prison for prostitution, fraud, and possession of class A controlled drugs, then I lived on the streets for a while pick pocketing oap’s and shoplifting, before landing a top job as a cleaner at Superdrug…[B]
now I am my husbands carer and my dogs mistress. I enjoy walking and the internet and also joking about my past :lol:

Hello Karen :slight_smile: welcome…

Welcome to the madhouse Karen… am sure you’ll fit right in here :lol:

Aw welcome Karen - love your intro!! You will def fit in here:)

Take care.

Hi Karen :039: welcome!

:039: hi everyone thank you :smiley:

Hello Karen, welcome to the forum x

Hi Karen, Welcome to the forum

Hello Karen - welcome :slight_smile:
I used to like the theme tune to your TV programme!

Ha ha ha A very good intro. Welcome to the forum.

Hello Liverbird, welcome to oFFers, . . I sussed the intro immediately as a wind up,. . however if it’s true, can I place an order for some waccy-baccy. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:018: tut tut nero

i’ll see what i can do :002:

[B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]You mean it isn’t true??

Hell from anuvver extremely new member![/B]

hiya Karen, you loose woman you!!!

help it’s another mad scouser run everyone :043:
:039: Hi Hilary