The little black things in bananas are seeds?

If I bury a peeled banana in rich soil, will a Banana Palm grow?

I’m pretty sure that bananas in the UK have been bred to be totally sterile. But I haven’t tried to plant one. There are lots of videos online telling you to grow celery from celery etc to try to somehow harvest from the bits you throw in waste. I have managed to grow tomatoes from seeds from a tomato from a supermarket, they worked but its not something I would have the patience to do again. I had a colleague who grew chili from a chili pod. He was very excited. Personally I think we work better as a society where there are people who can grow things so that we can eat them. Being a survivalist is hard work.

Growing bananas is a very difficult process if you don’t live in the right climate. The neighbours tried it and had these really annoying UV lights on 24 hours then gave up (when they saw their fuel bill!). I think you are in Oz (is that right?) so you are probably ok to try.

By the way I tried to grow celery from celery - it’s a complete con. Your plant grows into a mini celery that might feed the borrowers.

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Where I am in Australia is too far from the tropics. Winter sometimes go as low as 0 - 5 C.

That’s too bad. I hope your shop bought bananas are tasty.

Tasty enough. Use them in smoothies as well.

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Bananas used to grow in my garden until I got fed up with the rubbish they produce and got rid of them. This is a temperate climate and bananas are very hardy.

The problem with bananas is that they only fruit once, then the whole “tree” is cut down and a new one grows from suckers at the base, they are like Triffids and the plantation moves.

One of the problems is that they are a monoculture too much reliance on one breed of banana - Cavendish. There are so many different varieties, the one that grew in my garden was Ladyfinger which are very nice but the best I ever tasted was a small yellow fleshed variety in Thailand - no idea what it was called

I remember that you can get certain types of banana from seed merchants. I’ve no idea what variety they are but I think they’re grown for the handsome foliage rather than fruit and are at home indoors in containers.

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