The LED lights

We move about almost three ago now. I did all the lighting with energy saving units except the tiny downstairs loo, the cludgie - as we Scots call it. This last one is BRIGHT!

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All of my lights are LED - a lot better than the compact fluorescents of old. A lot brighter, too.

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I agree. Those in our living are 15W equivalent to incandescent 150W. My dear wife likes them when she paints - art, not wall painting…:slight_smile:

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Most my lights are still the compact fluorescent mainly because they last so long.

I have my doubts about the LED lights, they are purposely over driven to ensure a shorter life. I wish you could get the Dubai lights here.

When I start having to buy LED lights I think I will try to open them and reduce the regulated current they use, I tried modifying one quite successfully but it is fiddly.

Whilst some of the early types were overdriven, the later dimmable types are not. I’ve found the warmer colour to be best for my situation and the Meridian brand is easily obtainable form my local Toolstation at reasonable cost. I’ve yet to replace one so I cannot comment on longevity.

Instant on, and full brightness. That’s another advantage.


Co incidentally this new video popped up in my YouTube feed, This is exactly what I do with LED lamps though personally I would have been happy with half the power. I have no real use for a 3watt lamp.

As he points out sometimes there are two resistors in parallel in that case I just clip off one of them. It is an easy job to do.


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Our outdoor LED security light sensor is playing up. stays on too long whatever setting is used. So ordered a new one just now so see if that is any better

The one I will take down needs the sensor part removed and then I can use it in place of a halogen one in the back part of the garage or replace a flourescent tube in Sue’s end of the workshop. Just have to see which Sue wants changed. at least it will give me something to do

The old outside LED floodlight with sensor is no more. It is now working in the back of the garage without the sensor and working direct off a switch. This now has replaced the halogen one that was there. You would think easy job wouldn’t you? well it would have been if I hadn’t have to cut out a small wooden beam and wood plank attached first. So glad I have a scorpion power saw. Just don’t ask why all that crap was there. In the photo below I put up a timber support for the LED and enough room for a proper electrical junction box along side when it comes( shown the temp plastic connectors for test purposes)


By this time the new outside led light with sensor arrived so put that up as well. Now on for about 20 seconds. The instruction print is minute so I will leave setting the on at dusk setting and also lenght of time it is on for Sue to play around with.

Again I have no idea what that steel blue bar is doing so best leave alone, yet another cockup by previous owner

Maybe the blue bar is there to stop the wall bulging when it was being built?

Make sure that your new junction box is waterproof, and that both cables enter the JB from the bottom.

the new JB I will fit beside the LED in the photo, which is why i left space for it. This is all inside my garage,

most of the stuff at the back is my son Ben’s, been there over 2 years and now he has his new house sorted hopefully it will go either to him or the dump

If I were younger and had the money I woud demolish the garage as is and have a new one all on one level with a games room/ phoito studio or something like above, with an overhead enclosed corridor to the house first floor landing.