The ignore feature

I am loving it!!.

Because, it doesn’t tell you that you are ignoring that member.

Ignore, means ignore…they have vanished…:rofl::joy:…absolutely brilliant…

If you can’t trust yourself not to react, like I can’t trust “ me” then it’s the best way forward ,imo…

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You mean it annihilates them in real life :smiley:

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It’s a handy feature for when a forum grows to this size Pauline - the world would be boring if we were all carbon copies of each other :lol: this tool just makes it a little bit easier for when someone is so diametrically different to us (or just happens to rub us up the wrong way) that we’d just rather not see their threads.

I guess we’re lucky the forum is at a good size where we can (or sometimes need) to make use of features like this :smiley:


I can’t trust myself not to react to a few, so it’s better for my soul, to put them on ignore…

I also suggest if I get on their nerves, then put me on ignore, you will never see me again…,win ,win all round,:+1::+1::+1:

There’s going to be a mad dash now pauline :joy:

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Yeah right, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried…you’re just checking to see if it’s you I’m ignoring,:rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

I think we’re alike in a lot of ways,:rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

I’m glad you’re back,I miss my sparring partner,:rofl:.

Azz…I am loving this site…the ignore feature is my fav…it’s set me free…:rofl::joy::sweat_smile::pray:

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Why would I ignore you pauline? You’re my only friend on here who irritatingly pulls me off my pompousity chair.

Worryingly, I think you might be right :eyes:

If I’d have known about making the categories page my default, then I wouldn’t have my rattle in the dishwasher as we speak :innocent:

Anyway, got a few emails to write :wink:

What happens if you decide you don’t want ignore someone after all?

Take them off ignore,:grinning:

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But leave Harbal on the list :wink:

I’ll ignore that, :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

You wouldn’t ignore me would you Pauline……hello….Pauline hello….!,
Dammit ….

How could I ignore you Primus, …I only ignore those who “ really” rattle my cage, especially when there is no discussion in their post,that just insult , negativity, personal remarks,

I don’t mind constructive criticism, i welcome it, but none of the above,
it’s really not necessary .
Nothing to be learned or gained from it.

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How do you do that?
I’m still learning…

Do you mean activate the ignore feature?

I’m still learning as well, how great is this new site?:smiley::smiley:

I’ll take that on board, Pauline. In future, when I insult you, I’ll be sure to throw in some constructive criticism with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t know we had an ‘ignore’ button! Where is that then?

Profile> Preferences> Interface> Users

For those asking how to mute other members… have a look here:

And to do the same for categories or tags see this: