The Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza 🇵🇸

But since Israel invaded Rafah on May 7, all civilian entry and exit routes have gone, even for urgent medical evacuations.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says the “abrupt halt” to evacuations is exacerbating bed shortages at the few remaining hospitals inside Gaza.

OCHA estimates at least 700 critically ill and injured patients have been unable to leave Gaza to get medical treatment abroad since the Rafah closure

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Not much to smile about in Gaza but this is clever.

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Netanyahu has never been interested in the safety of the hostages.

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“A lot of these were children … and only on Panadol — which would make absolutely no difference to the level of pain they were in.It was heartbreaking seeing them in agony.”
Dr Adusumilli said he saw hundreds of aid trucks at a standstill on the Egyptian side of border.

“It’s unfathomable to think that there’s children dying of starvation 2 kilometres away, with all this food that’s rotting just outside and we’re letting this happen,” he said.

Dr Wong said the children of Gaza needed “humanity to prevail, and for that to happen, we need a ceasefire, we need all of this to stop”.

"The first trauma is that they’re under bombardment and they’re being killed, and they’re seeing their family and loved ones killed.

“The second trauma is that nobody’s doing anything about it, that they now know that the whole world knows, and yet no-one is stopping it.”

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The UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Unrwa, meanwhile said it had received “horrific reports” from Jabalia camp, where it provides services.

They included displaced people, including children, reportedly being killed and injured while sheltering in an Unrwa-run school that was besieged by Israeli tanks, according to a post on X, formerly Twitter. There were also reports of Unrwa offices being destroyed by air strikes and bulldozed by Israeli forces, it added.

Unrwa chief Philippe Lazzarini said thousands of people from the camp now had “no choice but to live amid the rubble and in destroyed Unrwa facilities”.

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Biden says Netanyahu could be prolonging Gaza war for political aims

Israeli government spokesperson David Mencer, asked about the interview, said it was “outside the diplomatic norms of every right-thinking country” for Mr Biden to make such comments about Mr Netanyahu.

But later in the day at the White House, Mr Biden appeared to back away from the claim.

“I don’t think so, he’s trying to work out this serious problem he has,” Mr Biden told reporters when asked if Mr Netanyahu was “playing politics”.

So Israel has complete control of the USA now?

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The IDF said it had taken steps before the air strike to “reduce the risk of harming uninvolved civilians”

Perhaps they could explain how they did that.No,of course they can’t.

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The numbers reveal the true scale of the war in Gaza. As it drags on, Israel…

Hamas has had its day of reckoning over the violent October 7 attacks, but Israel’s day of reckoning for its eight-month-long response is still to come. The question is, has its response been proportional?

“Frozen**”** children — it’s an unusual description of an appalling reality.

They’re the words Sydney clinical psychologist Scarlett Wong used after a recent trip to Gaza with Doctors Without Borders.

“When you see a starving child, they are apathetic, they have no response,” she told SBS News. “This is the kind of thing we were seeing from a medical view … children have become frozen, with no emotion, and apathetic.”

The situation, Dr Wong said, was “the worst humanitarian disaster I have ever seen”.

Gaza has become one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of our time. The UN’s World Food Programme has said [parts of Gaza are now gripped by "a full-blown famiine.

One of the few countries denying this is Israel. Not only is there not a famine, said Ron Dermer, a member of Israel’s war cabinet, but there is an abundance of food.

He told a startled Yalda Hakim on Sky UK recently that there were in fact “bustling markets” with fruit and vegetables.

Dermer’s claim defies all available evidence. Given the Israeli army has drones flying constantly across the tiny enclave, Dermer could have provided

Politicians in all countries these days seem to be quite prepared to persist in telling lies even when there’s overwhelming evidence to contradict them.

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More than 8,000 children under five years old had been diagnosed and treated for acute malnutrition, of whom more than 1,500 had a more severe form, Dr Tedros added

"It’s very unsettling to see a child when their parent can’t protect them, it’s heartbreaking when a parent can’t protect their child, so increasingly I’m hearing people say I just want this over, I’m happy if there’s an air strike on me tonight.

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The tactical pause is part of an ongoing misleading and contradictory narrative by the Israeli military, quite similar to the narrative of evacuations, safe zones across the Gaza Strip where people ended up being killed.

Right now, whether there’s a tactical pause or not, when compared with the number of trucks allowed into Gaza from Karem Abu Salem crossing, it’s less than what is sufficient and what’s needed to help people to combat the difficult living conditions. We’re only talking about four commercial trucks and five fuel trucks. When compared with the greater needs on the ground, this is nothing.

It looks like from the pattern of how it’s happening, it’s either the crossings are closed and no commercial trucks are allowed, or if they are allowed, there are conditions created on the ground to make it very difficult for the delivery of aid
As of yesterday, about eight law enforcement officials were killed as they were securing the delivery of commercial trucks to the market here in the central area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza

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“This business of destroying Hamas, making Hamas disappear — it’s simply throwing sand in the eyes of the public,” Mr Hagari told Israel’s Channel 13 TV.

“Hamas is an idea, Hamas is a party. It’s rooted in the hearts of the people — whoever thinks we can eliminate Hamas is wrong.”

Most of us having been saying that from the start.
But it’s taken so many deaths for someone in Israel to recognize it.
Not that it will make any difference with Netanyahu in charge.

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Earlier reports put the estimated death toll at 42.

Israeli media reported that the air strikes may have been targeting a senior Hamas official.

That’s alright then.

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The Australian Senate voted down a motion put forward by the Greens to recognise the statehood of Palestine. 23 out of the 26 Labor Senators voted against. Only 1 of them voted in favour.

Had 20 of those 23 voted in favour, the motion would’ve passed.


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Warning contains graphic content/not suitable for children:

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It was so close.

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The Israeli military says it’s looking into the incident.
It’s a big hole,so quite appropriate from the IDF for once.

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By June 19, 2024, 37 396 people had been killed in the Gaza Strip since the attack by Hamas and the Israeli invasion in October, 2023, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, as reported by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The Ministry’s figures have been contested by the Israeli authorities, although they have been accepted as accurate by Israeli intelligence service

the UN, and WHO.

Furthermore, the UN estimates that, by Feb 29, 2024, 35% of buildings in the Gaza Strip had been destroyed,

so the number of bodies still buried in the rubble is likely substantial, with estimates of more than 10 000

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