The green tree in the late sunshine

This is a tree. It is a green tree but the late sun made it golden. Five minutes later it was gone.


Nature in all its glory


@Besoeker , Do you mean somebody cut it down Besoeker ???
Donkey man! :grin::grin:

Vert droll!
The lovely golden sun was gone…

@Besoeker , sorry about that , but l .can’t help myself sometimes !!:grin:
You may or may not have noticed ??
Donkey man! :+1::+1:

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Light is everything isn’t it? It completely transforms the world.

Yes, I have…:slight_smile:

That it does. The lower half of the tree was just getting dark and the top part was bathed in golden sun. Just luck with the timing.

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Gorgeous tree, Besoeker! I love the late sunshine days…

Thank you PK! Get lucky sometimes.