The Gardening Year 2014

I’ve nothing to start it off :wink: but I got fed up waiting for you Barry :smiley:

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Well I’ll be the second one. I went and bought 3 bags of compost and 3 growbags in the week, ready to start sowing seeds and my onion sets which I always start off in a seed tray. Only about 3 weeks now to the off.

I have just been for a walk around my waterlogged garden,
I note the chives and mint are coming through and the parsley doing well.

The garlic is 6’’ high so off to a good start.
My winter patsies (Beaconsfield) are doing well in the back garden but not at the front.

Roll on spring :slight_smile:

Sorry Jan, but I’ve done nothing yet other than lazily dream of warmer days. :slight_smile:

Me and you both :smiley:

We’ve had no rain today, so tomorrow we are planning on a stroll around.
Though we will avoid our soggy bottom…:-p

Beautiful day here in Lincolnshire so took the time to dig the border in the front garden cleared the dead leaves and planted some dahlia freesia and aquilegia bulbs - hoping for a good show of colour this summer

Council have dug up our bulb and chopped up our violets :cry: Will have to replace them again, don’t know why they gave us all borders here if they can’t leave them alone !

Just ordering sweet peas and thinking about chrysanthemums but need to work out how to water them as we only have water round the front of the building none round the back and I don’t fancy walking all around the building past the dog from hell every time we need to water anything.

We took a stroll around the ‘estate’ today - doesn’t the fresh air make you dizzy? :lol:
My Troy onions are about 6" - never grown onions before, so it is exciting to see them. The elephant garlic are enormous :smiley: to be expected I suppose…ha ha
Very pleased with the plants overwintering in the greenhouse. They need some attention and two have whitefly but all in all there are lots of geraniums in flower.

I realised looking at the borders, that I didn’t finish the autumn clean up :roll: (I even left my tools in the border:shock:) there will be plenty to do when it’s dry and warm.

We did some pruning last week. The Magnolia tree had become much too big. We gave it a drastic chop on one side - looks awful but I’m confident it will be ok.
The buddleias finally got a third off - for now. I didn’t get around to it in the autumn.
The bottle brush also had a good tidy up and the camellia.
For a few years the garden looks fine - then suddenly it’s an overgrown mess.
I’m new to here but have always liked gardening. These days it’s mainly shrubs and pots. We are away in the caravan too much to keep the watering up. (hard to believe they will dry out just now)

We have the same problem with the watering Beryl as we are away in our caravan a fair bit in the summer, but luckily we have good neighbours who will do the watering as necessary and we do theirs when they are away… we also look after each other’s dogs on occasion, what price good neighbours eh…:wink:

Yes, we have good neighbours too but their all so very old now. I don’t want to bother them.

I do it for them but we have a lot of pots now the garden beds have gone.

Went to the garden centre this morning and picked up some first early seed potatoes “Foremost”, which are a smashing variety and should be ready around the middle of June given a warm spring, :cool: and also picked up some shallot sets which we use for pickling.

I have some tomato and pepper seed from last year so will start some off next week, and I was going to buy some other veg seed this morning but Mrs P has been awarded a £50 voucher from Thompson and Morgan for writing a review of some trial plants, so we are going to use that instead. :wink:

we are waterlogged here, got some potatoes to go in but they will probably rot

I won’t plant them just yet Seaspirit, but I will get them started by spreading them out on tray to chit for a few weeks whilst the ground warms up a somewhat. :wink:

Ive been redoing my back garden , its been challenging at times with the wind blowing the weed suppressant material out of my hands .in fact the wind as been more of a battle than the garden …as i get older i find i cannot lift the heavy stuff as i use to , so ive dropped a slab on my foot resulting with a bruised toe.i find i have more strength when i lose my rag , so i must have looked like a mad woman when i started heeving posts about …hair blowing in the wind ,cursing like an irish navee.

That must have been quite a sight Eliza, can you video it next time… :lol:

will do Plantman, almost finished the back garden , i aim to get a Clemitis Montana as soon as the ground is warm enough to cover the fencing that borders the garden … I had thought of replacing it with new fencing , but the garden from the back is pushing through this one so there’s not much point .A fast growing Montana will fill the holes in the fence and will get support from the bushes that’s wrecking it …

Sounds a very interesting project Eliza. I planted a Montana last year and it has really taken off, full of flowers last year and covers part of our fence, too.

I like the Montana as well, one of the first to flower in Spring, and the one over our pergola is usually a riot of bloom.

Some years ago a neighbour planted a Montana. We loved it, because it crept along the open lattice fencing. The next people in, put up solid panels and the plant has disappeared :frowning:
I got some more packets of seeds for my birthday, from the grandchildren - they are all flowers that they’d like to grow :roll:.
I hope I can find enough trays :smiley: (I do save polystyrene ones, so I should have enough to go round)