The Garden Of Earthly Delights

Around 1500 when Hieronymus Bosch painted this picture, seeing it must have been like going to the cinema is for us. People would have marvelled at the special effects, and thrilled at the sensational scenarios depicted within it.

Everything seemed to be about God in those days, and how to avoid his wrath. The painting is certainly the product of a religious mind, and although it demonstrates both the technical skill and deep imaginative insight of a true artist, it also demonstrates why I am very glad not to have a religious mind.

Or perhaps he was just high?

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It makes you wonder … he was certainly on a weird trip somewhere.
On the righthand picture there’s a guy nailed to a table top.

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It must have been quite a long period of highness, Annie, you can’t knock a picture like that out in half an hour. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you look closely, Morticia, it gets a lot more bizarre than that. :icon_eek:


I always think art, and creative writing to a degree, … can give a real insight into someone’s mind.
That picture is so so busy, so convoluted, certainly not peaceful.
Of course, if I was just looking at artistic merit I’d have to agree the attention to detail is impressive.

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Okay, you’ve got me curious. I’ll go look more closely but keep my impressions to myself.

Mind you … he’d have been great at knocking out album covers for bands like Led Zepp.

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So he went to a great party, had a shedload of magic mushrooms and the next day (still trippy) sat down and sketched this. Then spent the next year painting by numbers…


his hat, is that like A helmet…gosh
just thinking a tad like you… :innocent:
except I have not seen you with a helmet on your head… :thinking:

You knew of its origin, and dug it up. :biking_man:

I’m not sure that is a view widely held by art historians, Annie, but your guess is as good as theirs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is so much going on in this picture - I must find a larger version to have a proper look. The detail is incredible. As far as I remember most - if not all - his work was religious and he was fond of triptychs.

Hmmm… if not religious then what mind do you have Harbal


Neither has anyone else, Dianne. :001:

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I could only see a lot of nude beings… :flushed:

I have never seen it before.It is impressive.

I downloaded it from Wikipedia, Tabby, you can see quite a high resolution version there.


My thoughts exactly. I love art! Now I gotta go have a look see for myself because Harbal’s picture is very hazy


His paintings seem the stuff of terrible nightmares. It says on wiki (the font of all wisdom) that at 13 he would have witnessed a terrible catastrophe where 4 thousand houses were destroyed in a massive blaze in his home town. Perhaps that might have made a lasting impression?

Well that’s gone and done it. My illusion he was a Master destroyed.
Anyone could have painted the numbered bits in for him.
I know … mine can look pretty impressive too standing next to my dot-to-dot.