The EU regulator is investigating new mRNS side-effect possibilites

Just breaking: the EU’s drugs regulator is investigating new possible side-effects of the Pfizer and of the Moderna mRNA vaccines.
Coming hot on the heels of suggestions that Pfizer and others have been avaricious in such times, it makes me grateful for our own efforts with Oxford &AstraZeneca and not only because they are the only ones who promised that their vaccine would be non-profit during the pandemic.

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All vaccines have side effects for some people. As do all medicines. Life is a dangerous business. Ends up killing us all.

Indeed they do which is why so many found the EU’s reactions towards AZ puzzling.
As an aside I see that even though already extremely rare, no blood clots have been noted for a month.

All investigations are of benefit if not now in the future - the more we know about this dastardly disease the better - they may be others lets remember. So the more scientific evidence we can gather the better