The Drowning on Ch5

Did anyone watch this tonight on Ch.5, at 9pm?

I enjoyed it.

It stars Jill halfpenny and is about a woman who’s son was supposed to have drowned when he was 4 yrs old, but she thinks she sees him 11 years later.

Its on every night for 4 nights.

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I’ve recorded it Mups, it was on the same time as Long Lost Families, I think It’ll be good

Cant wait for next episode . I wonder if it is her son

I enjoyed it. Hope I remember to watch it every night.

I thought it was 9 years on but, never mind. Watched it but couldn’t quite get into it. V enjoyed it though so I expect I’ll have to suffer the remaining 3 episodes.

didnt see it but heard it was good

I think we might both be wrong Percy.
I thought they said tonight it was 10 years. :smiley:

I can’t help but wonder how this will end?
Do you think she is mistaken about that lad, or not?

Some strange things going on

Even if he is her son life would be difficult, could he leave his father now

Maybe she has mental health and is deluded

Oh it’s good isn’t it

I’m going to watch it today

I wondered that too, Susan.

Taking it back to the beginning Tom’s body wasn’t found in the lake ?
Everyone seems to agree on that and that there were other people around?
The lad playing Daniel was pretty convincing last night I thought .
Unless he’s so fed up of his father he’d rather be Tom ?

She will marry the architect and they will all live happily ever after.

That’s how it’s looking :smiley:
Might be a few twists before then ? Surely she won’t be able to forgive him if he took Tom ?
By the way how did Jill Halfpenny manage to lose her NE accent ?

He might have had a neurotic wife who he loved and wanted a child but could have one .p so they nicked one and then she died and he could very well give the child back .
I am making this up as I go along !

She has some sort of accent but I really don’t know what it is supposed to be. :cry:

I think it is a good concept but there’s a bit too much staring into space for my liking. There are four episodes but I think like all dramas, it could have been condensed into two or perhaps a two hour film. I will probably endure the rest just to see what happens (plus there’s nothing else on).

I’m waiting for the car chase. :mrgreen:

I kept shouting “Do the DNA tests, love” at the telly last night. That’s the only way to find out.

My feelings exactly. It’s a bit on the slow side but at least I can hear what they are saying most of the time.

The bad peeps that issued the fake documents to the gardeners and her demanded another £500 or they would go to the police? What a laugh that was. Could you see the baddies reporting people that had bought fake docs off them?

BTW, the writer of this drama is married to the actress who plays Sally Webster in Corrie.

That’s more interesting. :-p

Too right it’s looks like they have lost their gorm :slight_smile:

:lol::lol::lol: ‘Lost their gorm’ :lol:

I am enjoying all the theories on this, nearly as much as the programme itself. :smiley: