The dogs today - Max and Ozzie

My dear wife has a problem with her hack so stayed home… Normally, she walks Ozzie on the lead but today I took both of the dogs for the usual stroll. Not a problem - except today. There was a dead pigeon on the road. Max was on it. Ozzie wanted a piece of it. No way Max was wanting to relinquish that dead bird. Normally, I would just tell Max to leave it but jealousy kicked in. But I got the pigeon and chucked over the fence. Was a bit of a challenge…

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Good for you - you never know - it could have been diseased.

Ours has a fascination for dead things.She doesn’t want to eat them just roll around on them.She’s disgusting!

Yes, mine rolled in fox poo once. This pigeon wasn’t that bad - he just didn’t want Ozzie get it.

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@Besoeker have you got another dog Ozzie?

Ozzie is a neighbour’s dog. She, the neighbour, is not able to get about very well so we take Ozzie out when we go with Max.

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Ahh that’s nice,