The Deforestation of Brazil

The deforestation of the rainforest in Brazil in order to plant eucalyptus trees for paper is destroying the habitat .

It leaves me feeling helpless , worried and fearful for the future of our world . We simple living people who want a future for our granchildren , trying to do what is right are nothing but tiny ants under the feet of the money makers who dont give a toss . All the crying , trying and caring is just wasted energy because we simple people can’t stop it .


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I agree
Why so we need so much paper in the world anyway ?
I have long thought we should buy areas of rain forest to preserver for perpetually or even rent them from Brazil and other countries .for the good of the world .

the natural forces of humanity often has been to fight and steal and take advantage - not share well and build weapons of mass destruction - it has been the same since time immemorial - were we created in the image of God - perhaps but with a disasterous flaw!