The curious sky phenomenon this evening

I don’t know what this was. It was very bright and lasted a few minutes.


Whoa! Besoeker, was this actually in the sky?? It wasn’t reflected off anything that you know of? They are very straight…I wonder if they were part of a light show near you?

I’d hazard a guess at some kind of ionising radiation.

Could it be a laser light show?


Weird, but cool.

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I don’t think it was reflected. It almost like jet contrails Possibly part of a light show maybe but it was dead straight and it was abruptly extinguished. I’ll ask around.

All three beams are strangely parallel without any scatter and I find that perplexing.

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Yes, that was my thought too.

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Wow, this is something else @Besoeker! It’s the absolute straightness that is so weird. You’d kind of expect there to be some light bending somewhere, though what do I know? :102:

Please let us know, if you find out anything more about this - you can’t be the only person in your area who saw it!

@Besoeker I think it was just Azz updating OFF. Azz has powers we know not of. :laughing: :laughing:


Could it be something to do with this?

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Take Sky with a pinch of salt.

BTW nice bunker.

It could be although it a couple of weeks away. Maybe it’s part of the rehearsal?

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That’s incredible Visitor!!

It’s obvious innit … it’s Captain Kirk, Spock and some other crew member transporting up to the Enterprise in teeny molecular bits.


The Global Rainbow is a large-scale public art light installation created by Yvette Mattern. The artwork beams seven rays of laser light representing the color spectrum of a natural rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

The 120+ W power laser light projection beaming in parallel horizontal lines creates a natural perspective horizon arc simulating a natural rainbow arc and has a trajectory or viewing spectrum of up to 60 KM depending on atmospheric conditions.

The presentation is poetic, magical and powerful. It encompasses the skyline and its viewing perspective is as ephemeral as viewing a natural rainbow. Theoretically and symbolically its presentation encompasses geographical and social diversity in its reach throughout distinct points across the globe.

It reminds me of a Jean Michel-Jarre concert.

Highly likely … :wink:

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And there was me hoping it was aliens … there’s no magic left in life anymore. :frowning_face: