The Coronation Ceremony

Looking forward to this.

Me too, my excitement knows no bounds…

Pity, I will be out that day.


:rofl:…Me too…I just can’t wait to see Princess Anne curtseying to ‘Queen’ Camilla and call Her ‘Your Majesty’
spitting image comes to mind :grin:

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The funny thing is until yesterday I would have had no idea what you were talking about but for another thread I came across the cover of New Idea which told me all about it (well, as much as I needed to know)

I am unsure if i shall be watching it,Dh won`t thats for sure.
It will be interesting and historic of course.
Especially if H n M attend.

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If there is a chance of Royal fisticuffs I am keen too, nothing like a fight in the pews and down the aisle during the ceremony, pageantry at its best.

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I’ve have more than enough of that families woes and wrong doings …I shall be out !

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